Code42 Incydr vs. Teramind: Which Data Loss Software Wins?
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Code42 Incydr vs. Teramind: Which Data Loss Software Wins?

Incydr by Code42 and Teramind are insider risk management and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions that help organizations detect and prevent potential insider attacks and data loss incidents.

However, only Teramind has a wide range of features focused on employee monitoring, user & entity behavior analytics (UEBA), insider threat detection, data loss prevention, and more.

The main difference between these solutions is that Incydr focuses on machine learning-based, all-in-one insider threat prevention. At the same time, Teramind offers a wide range of features, including employee monitoring, UEBA, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention.

  • Incydr is a machine learning-based, all-in-one insider threat prevention platform that attempts to replace traditional DLP, UEBA, and CASB solutions.
  • Incydr doesn’t support employee monitoring, user & entity behavior analytics (UEBA), or employee productivity tracking.
  • Teramind’s software is a comprehensive solution, ideal for companies that need more than just insider threat prevention. It offers a multitude of security features, including employee activity monitoring, insider threat detection, insider fraud detection, and data loss prevention, providing a robust defense against potential risks. 
  • Teramind offers compliance management, productivity optimization, business process optimization (BPO), and other benefits. 
  • Teramind is unique because it provides multiple solutions in a single package.
  • With Incydr, you get data leakage prevention. 
  • With Teramind, you proactively protect your organization from insider threats and data loss while improving employee productivity.

This post will examine each provider’s available functionality, user experience, reviews, and more.

Incydr vs. Teramind: Feature Comparison 

Privileged User Monitoring
Remote Installation
Partial Document Matching
Website & App Blocking
Cloud Deployment
Network MonitoringFile uploads only
Email MonitoringFile uploads only
Clipboard MonitoringFile uploads only
IM Monitoring (Slack, Teams, Skype, etc.)File uploads only
File MonitoringFile uploads only
OCR DetectionX
Custom ReportsX
Remote Desktop ControlX

Incydr is a lightweight data loss prevention solution that offers insider threat detection functionality by helping you monitor file operations in apps, cloud apps, and cloud storage such as Google Cloud.

Teramind is the best for time tracking, employee productivity optimization, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention. It’s ideal for use cases like:

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Teramind Overview: Features, Use Cases, Pros & Cons

Teramind is an alternative to Incydr renowned for its user activity monitoring, behavior analytics, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention solutions. It helps organizations in finance, healthcare, government, and others detect and prevent insider threats while driving productivity and improving workflow efficiency.

Teramind’s Key Features

Real-time Employee Activity Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of user activity with Teramind helps you gain complete visibility across your entire organization for onsite and remote employees. Track all user activities across 17+ channels, such as application monitoring, tracking email and other communications channels, screen recordings, keystroke logging, printing, network monitoring, file access/file activity monitoring, and more.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Teramind leverages powerful analytics to detect unusual behavior, abnormal behavior, and other behavioral anomalies that may indicate potential threats. By comparing risky behavior against baseline ‘normal’ activities established through observation and data gathering, Teramind can identify potential security risks and real threats.

Insider Threats Detection

With advanced threat analytics and risk scoring, Teramind’s insider threat management solution identifies human threats and risky user behavior, such as malicious activity, theft, fraud, sabotage, conspiracy, or negligence. It protects critical assets from malicious or accidental risks in real-time.

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (eDLP)

Teramind uses advanced features such as fingerprinting, tagging, OCR, etc., to prevent data from critical endpoints. It automatically discovers and classifies sensitive data and prevents leaks and exfiltration with content-based security policies and rules.

Time Tracking & Project Management

Teramind comes with time tracking, timesheets, time cards, time reports, project and task management capabilities, and integrations with project management and ticketing systems such as Jira, Zendesk, ServiceNow, etc.

Productivity Optimization

With built-in analytics, detailed reports, and unique productivity scores, you can easily identify when your team is performing well and where the gaps are. Implement automated rules and policies to encourage productive behavior, improve employee efficiency, and reduce cost and resource waste.

Forensic Analysis & Investigation

Collect irrefutable evidence and investigate using session recording (video recording and audio recording with incident telemetry), remote desktop control, optical character recognition (OCR), and immutable logs.

Regulatory Compliance

Implement data governance and process adherence to comply with privacy, security, and data protection regulations and compliance standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more.

Ease of Use with Intuitive Dashboard

Teramind comes with an intuitive user interface. Dozens of built-in dashboards allow easy viewing of the most critical information or drill down for details. Complete customization allows you to configure the dashboards and reports or create your own dashboards according to your needs. Apply advanced filters to sniff through hundreds of data points and easily visualize them with charts, graphs, and tables.

Easy Deployment

Deploy in minutes with Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premise deployment options. Available on both Windows and Mac.

Teramind’s Main Use Cases

Thwart Insider Threats

Teramind is a suitable solution for organizations that need advanced analytics and automated incident response capabilities to identify potential risks and thwart malicious insiders. It can proactively alert users to anomalous and malicious behaviors indicating an impending attack or data breach.

Prevent Data Leaks

Teramind’s data loss prevention features are ideal for organizations looking to prevent data leaks and data exfiltration. Automated data discovery and classifications, fingerprinting, tagging, automated actions, etc., make implementing complex DLP use cases much more accessible.

Monitor Remote and Hybrid Workforces

Teramind is recommended for organizations that require comprehensive monitoring and analytics capabilities for remote and hybrid workforces. The software offers monitoring options to ensure data security and visualize remote workers’ productivity.

Automate Time Tracking and Project Management

Teramind’s time tracking and project management features let organizations accurately track employee attendance, log work hours, and generate timesheets, time records, and project/task and cost reports. It helps companies analyze employee activities and payroll to discover cost drivers such as unproductive hours, idle time, absence, and other sunk costs.

By automating redundant, manual tasks such as employee clock-ins, scheduling, timesheets, payroll, invoicing, etc., Teramind reduces operational costs by streamlining your administrative, accounting, and HR processes.

Optimize Employee Productivity

Teramind’s employee productivity management and optimization features give a complete report on the organization’s productivity status and detailed insights into employee activity. It lets employers track how employees spend their time – helping identify unproductive or non-work-related activities. This allows organizations to improve their operational efficiency by addressing discrepancies and distractions.

Meet Compliance Goals

Teramind helps you implement data governance to meet compliance audit requirements and conform with privacy, security, and data protection regulations. With tight privacy and security measures, you can adhere to compliance and regulatory standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more.

Overall, Teramind is a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to enhance their
cybersecurity posture, prevent insider threats, and ensure data security and
Employee productivity.

Pros of Teramind

Most Comprehensive Suite for Employee Monitoring

Teramind employee monitoring software provides comprehensive visibility into 17+ touchpoints such as apps, websites, file transfers, keystrokes, emails, social media, chats, printers, etc. – more than any other solution in the market.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Teramind leverages UEBA and contextual analysis to detect anomalies in user behavior that may indicate potential threats. By comparing risky behavior against baseline ‘normal’ activities established through continuous observation and data gathering, Teramind can identify potential security risks before they become incidents.

Powerful Policy and Rule Engine

With smart policies and rules, automatically prevent insider threats and data leaks and optimize productivity. Use hundreds of pre-built templates for common security incidents and productivity anomalies. Create your own rules with an easy-to-use, visual Rules Editor.

AI/Machine Learning

Teramind’s advanced algorithm and machine learning capabilities provide intelligent monitoring to identify fraud, abnormal behavior, and insider threats. The AI-powered behavioral analytics analyzes user behavior patterns to detect suspicious activities or deviations from normal behavior.

Built-In Integrations

Integrate Teramind with existing security infrastructure, such as SIEM systems, IAM, Project Management solutions, and HR databases for enhanced insider threat management. It offers robust API support and pre-built connectors for easy integration with various systems.

Easy Deployment – Get Started in Minutes

The SaaS solution can be deployed on the Cloud, On-Premise, or Private Cloud. Non-intrusive, lightweight Agent can be installed on Windows and Mac endpoints in minutes to monitor employee productivity and security from day 1!

Cons of Teramind

Feature Overload

Teramind’s comprehensive suite offers many features, including employee monitoring, insider threat detection, data loss prevention, productivity optimization, business process optimization (BPO), and more. However, with features like dozens of reports from hundreds of data points, advanced analytics, and limitless customizations, it can be overwhelming for first-time users to get the hang of the solution.

Limited AI/ML Features

Teramind only recently beta-tested Omni, its AI/machine learning features. It can detect productivity anomalies such as time theft and fraud at its current iteration, but it’s not yet fully ready.

Other Disadvantages

There is no support for Linux or mobile devices such as iPhone or Android, and Mac features aren’t on par with Windows. However, the company has been adding more Mac support at a fast pace.

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Incydr Overview: Features, Use Cases, Pros & Cons

Incydr by Code42 monitors file transfers over the web, external drives, AirDrop, cloud drives, emails, IMs, social media, etc. It also leverages integrations and data connectors from Microsoft365, Salesforce, Source Code Repositories (e.g., Git), Google Drive, etc., to monitor file movement on the Cloud. Automated actions can be triggered based on file type/source/destination, etc. Incydr Gov offers a FedRAMP and NIST-800-X-certified version of Incydr.

Incydr Features

Here’s what you get with Incydr by Code42:

Risk Exposure Dashboard

It has 120 Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs) that automatically prioritize data risk based on risk profiles and context (e.g., file properties, user activity, file hash, etc.).

File DLP

Incydr is a file-based data loss prevention solution that helps you monitor file movements across your local, network, and Cloud sources and destinations.

Third-Party Actions

It allows admins to create custom actions with third-party integrations. For example, it automatically disables permission on SSO (e.g., Okta) when an access violation is detected, quarantines a file with CrowdStrike, etc.

Diverse Integrations

It has add-ons and integrations with over 30 partners, including CyberArk, Splunk, SentinelOne, etc. It can also automatically create user profiles (e.g., new hires, contractors, terminated) from IAM/PAM/HR systems.

Cloud App Monitoring

It can integrate with cloud applications such as Salesforce, Office 365, Git, ADP, etc., and monitor file movements to detect cloud data compromise.

Incydr Use Cases

Detecting Insider Threats

Code42 Incydr can help security teams detect insider threats within an organization by monitoring file activity on endpoints and API connections to cloud services and apps. It can identify suspicious activities like file sharing and exfiltration outside corporate networks, apps, and endpoints.

Preventing Data Loss and Theft

Incydr can provide visibility, context, and controls to manage data loss and theft caused by insiders, regardless of intent. It can automatically block unacceptable data movements for high-risk users and extend visibility to Salesforce users to detect and prevent exports to personal devices.

Prioritizing Risks and Implement Response Controls

Incydr utilizes risk-scoring algorithms to prioritize risks based on file vectors, user traits, and behavioral anomalies. Providing comprehensive risk indicators to prioritize high-risk employee activities can help businesses automate response controls, minimize user errors, and contain insider threats.

Security Orchestration

IIncydr offers integrations with other security tools. This allows a SOC to implement a holistic security policy by leveraging all the solutions in its tech stack.

Overall, Code42 Incydr is a powerful tool for insider risk management, providing a range of use cases to help organizations detect, prevent, and respond effectively to insider threats.

Pros of Incydr

In addition to the features mentioned above, Incydr comes with a few unique perks:

Easy to Deploy and Use

It can be deployed in hours. Since there are very few rules to set up, it can be fully operational in days. It has a simple, user-friendly interface.

Platform Support

Uses an endpoint agent to monitor file activity on Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints and API connections to cloud services and apps.

Friction-Free User Experience

Facilitates a smooth user experience without slowing down devices or blocking sanctioned activities.

Modular Pricing

Incydr’s modular pricing means you only pay for what you will use. For example, if you don’t need to monitor business apps like Salesforce, you don’t have to pay for the feature.

Developer Friendly

It has REST APIs, SDKs, and a CLI to encourage developers for platform automation and integrations with their security applications.

Cons of Incydr

Limited Monitoring Capabilities

There are no screenshots, audio, keystrokes, or clipboard monitoring. Other channels can only capture file upload/download activities. Print monitoring is supported only on Mac and Linux.

High TCO

You may have to pay extra for data retention, business app monitoring, full API access, and technical expertise support. Additional licenses are required per data connector.

Less Powerful Agent

There is no stealth mode, offline support, or remote desktop control.

Basic Data Loss Prevention

Incydr has basic DLP capabilities that can only monitor files. It also generates false positives.

New Product

The product was launched in 2020, so it’s immature and can be volatile. For example, Code42 said it supported AI last year but has now dropped “AI” from its vocabulary.

No Productivity/BPO Features

No productivity analytics, business process optimization, or time tracking/project management features.

How To Choose an Insider Threat & DLP Solution For Your Business

Choosing the right security product to detect insider threats and prevent data leaks can be daunting. Selecting a solution that aligns with your organization’s needs, resources, and overall security strategy is important. It’s also wise to find the best solution from the onset because spending a lot of effort implementing a solution and then switching to a different solution later can be very expensive.

There are some common themes you can look for when choosing an insider threat and data loss prevention solution.

Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities

You cannot detect insider threats or prevent data leaks if you don’t monitor your endpoints. This is why it’s critical to determine what kind of tracking a solution offers—the more comprehensive the monitoring, the better because it will increase the coverage.

Look for a solution that offers a wide range of monitoring capabilities, such as screenshot capture, keystroke logging, file activity monitoring, cloud storage tracking, etc. This will provide a comprehensive view of user behavior and help detect persistent threats.

Many solutions come with key monitoring channels, such as apps and websites, but other solutions, like Teramind, can monitor virtually all user activities, guaranteeing complete visibility of the entire organization.

Advanced Threat Detection

Consider an insider threat solution that uses advanced machine learning algorithms and analytics to identify potential insider risks. Look for features like behavior analytics, anomaly detection, and predictive modeling to help detect unusual activities and flag them as possible security threats.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerting

You need real-time monitoring to identify threats as soon as they surface. Look for a solution that also provides real-time alerting capabilities. This will ensure that you have an early warning system and take appropriate action to mitigate any risk before it’s too late.

Prevention and Response Features

Consider an insider threat protection solution that detects insider threats and has threat prevention and response capability. Look for features like rule actions to block users, policy enforcement, and automated incident response that can help proactively and automatically prevent security breaches.

Flexibility and Scalability

Choose a flexible and scalable product offering to meet your organization’s growing needs. Look for options that can easily integrate with your existing security infrastructure and be customized to align with your business requirements.

Integrations & Compatibility

To avoid headaches, before choosing a solution, find out if it will work with your existing tech stack. Also, find a solution that can be integrated with other security tools, such as SIEM, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), etc. This will enhance your threat detection capability and offer a holistic security orchestration for your security teams.


Technical support and SLA are critical for implementing an insider threat detection and DLP solution, especially if you do not have in-house resources. For example, you will need help with deployment\, configuration rules creation, maintenance, etc. Find out if you will be required to pay extra for such support. If it’s a complex/large deployment, ask if the company offers dedicated customer representatives and if they can offer professional services for customized implementation. 

Price vs Value

Of course, you will be looking for a solution within your budget. However, you will also need to consider the solution’s total cost of operation (TCO) and lifetime value (LTV). Find out the ROI or at least know what benefits, cost savings, etc., can be achieved by deploying such a solution. 

Sometimes, there are opportunity costs that are hard to quantify. For example, how much financial/reputational damage you will incur if there is a data breach? Now, consider how much you are paying to mitigate that risk.


What is Code42 used for?

Code42 is an insider threat and data loss prevention (DLP) solution that offers features like real-time monitoring, user behavior analytics, incident response, and reporting. It helps businesses protect their sensitive data and identify potential insider threats before they occur.

Is Code42 legit?

Code42 is a legitimate insider threat and data loss prevention (DLP) solution provider. Trusted by businesses worldwide, Code42 offers robust features like real-time monitoring, data monitoring capabilities, and user behavior analytics to protect sensitive data and mitigate insider threats effectively.

What is the difference between Code42 and CrashPlan?

Code42 is the company behind Code42 Incydr. It was also the creator and distributor of CrashPlan until it was sold to Mill Point Capital in 2022. While Code42 Incydr focuses on insider threat and data loss prevention, CrashPlan is a cloud-based backup solution. Incydr provides features like real-time monitoring and user behavior analytics. CrashPlan focuses on endpoint data backup and recovery.

Is Code42 private or public?

Code42 is a private company specializing in insider threat and data loss prevention solutions. Their product, Code42 Incydr, protects sensitive data and mitigates insider threats.

Is Code42 free?

No, Code42 is not a free solution. Code42 Incydr is a paid insider threat and data loss prevention (DLP) solution that offers advanced features like real-time monitoring, user behavior analytics, and incident response capabilities to help businesses protect their sensitive data.

Why is Code42 using so much memory?

Code42 is designed to provide robust security features that require a certain level of system resources, including memory usage. Memory consumption may vary depending on factors such as the size of the data being monitored and the number of users on the system.

What is Code42 Incydr?

Incydr is a data protection solution that allows you to detect and respond to data exposure and exfiltration from corporate computers, the cloud, email systems, etc.

Where is Code42 data stored?

Data collected by Code42 Incydr is securely stored in the Cloud.

What are the features of Incydr?

Code42 Incydr offers features like insider risk monitoring, cloud application portfolio monitoring, user behavior analytics, incident response, and reporting. It helps businesses protect sensitive data and identify insider threats before they occur.

Which Insider Threat Software Will You Choose?

Code42 Incydr and Teramind are solid insider threat detection and data loss prevention tools. If you’re in the marketing for a security solution, both tools provide robust features.

Code42’s Incydr has some primary endpoint DLP and insider threat prevention capabilities. 

However, if you need an endpoint DLP to protect all your data in motion, not just files, you can opt for Teramind DLP. Or, if you want employee monitoring, Teramind UAM can help, and Incydr cannot.

On the other hand, if you need a basic employee monitoring solution within a budget, you can go for Teramind Starter.

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