See every keyboard action with Keystroke Logger

Detect malicious users and measure productivity with keystroke activity monitoring that captures and logs all keyboard activity on any endpoint.

What is keystroke logging?

Teramind’s keystroke monitoring feature captures all keyboard activity and every individual keystroke entered, recording all information to comprehensive logs which can be used to formulate a base of user-based behavior analytics.

Whether monitoring remote, contracted, or on-site users, employers have full insight into all keystrokes and copy/paste actions initiated.


Why is it important to log keystrokes?

Keystroke logs provide managers with a wide range of insight into employees, as well as helping mitigate risk introduced by 3rd party contractors, who should have extra security oversight. 

Searchable keystroke logs help identify:

These logs can also indicate useful analytics that help predict early signs of a potential insider threat:

It’s also extremely helpful to have searchable logs when conducting internal security investigations, and combining keystroke logs with smart rules and alerting can bring violations to your attention immediately, so you can mitigate risk. 

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Unproductive Work
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