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Founded in 2014, Teramind has become the global leader in behavioral solutions as over 10,000 organizations in 125+ countries, across every industry, have turned to Teramind to protect and optimize their business.

The power of Teramind is proven by its track record and has been recognized by numerous publications and industry analysts, including Forbes.

We’re committed to the simple vision of understanding, measuring, and predicting human behavior in the workplace.

After ten years of pursuing our mission to prevent insider attacks and enable organizational productivity, our data analytics have uncovered the thread that connects the two: happy, productive employees have a significantly lower risk of becoming an insider threat.

So, healthy organizations who work to continuously engage their people and support positive productivity are actually helping to stem their own insider risk. Likewise, mature organizations mitigate risk by putting the proper security controls in place.

Teramind supports a positive culture of prevention AND gives you robust user security controls, for a unified approach to user behavior analytics.
Leveraging powerful AI and machine learning models trained on a live, anonymized, enterprise dataset for granular user behavior analytics, this is exactly what we have done.
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Our clients come first, and what we have learned from them over the past decade is that when we built the most granular user behavior analytics tool available on the market, they wanted us to help them get ahead of problems.
But we’re not finished. In fact, we’re just getting started forging a new path as the leader in predictive analytics.

Teramind has held fast to our identity as an innovative startup.

Our teams are 100% remote in support of the value we place on independent thought, creativity, and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. In keeping with our mission and vision, we leverage the revealed Teramind agent internally, supporting work transparency and security balanced with trust.

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