Sentiment Analysis

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Stay in the know when employee communications cross the line.

Understand Your Workforce

Successful leadership means staying in close touch with how your employees are really feeling.
Step 1
How do employees normally interact with one another?
Step 2
What are early warning signs of hostility or toxicity?
Step 3
How do can we know if someone is escalating over time?
Step 4
When is it time to step in to prevent harm?

Teramind Features Powering
Sentiment Analysis

Triggered Screen Recordings

Sifting through employee communications is unnecessary, uncomfortable, and could be invasive. But when there’s a problem, you need context to know whether it was a simple mistake or intentional.
Document what led up to and immediately followed an incident with smart recordings without recording everything else.

Online Meeting Monitoring

Allowing a bad situation to simmer unchecked can be dangerous to both employees and the business. Monitor any meeting, on any digital platform, including participants, duration, chat content, screen recordings, and more.
Be alerted if someone crosses the line during a company meeting.

Website & Application Monitoring

If users are posting to social media from work machines, be alerted to any potentially aggressive or toxic language being used.
People who intend to do harm may show signs in their social media posts.

Optical Character Recognition

Be alerted to inappropriate wording displayed on a user’s screen at any time, including images, document text, meeting shares – and much more – with Teramind’s OCR capability.
Detect instances where noncompliant or toxic language is being displayed on a user’s screen.

Keystroke Logging

Track and log every employee keystroke, creating searchable, indexed content for your security team to analyze and deduce.
Trigger monitoring anytime sensitive datasets are typed into a user’s machine, from code or regulated data to specific keywords.

OMNI: What will you uncover with OMNI?

OMNI is Teramind’s new rapid interface, an AI-powered alert system that shows you more of what you want to see – and less of what you don’t.
See data-related alerts grouped together in a news feed so you can quickly see trends in how users are accessing and using data in motion. Click to see more directly from your dashboard and get ahead of potential threats.
Stop scrolling through alerts to find what’s actionable.

Teramind AI helps surface troubling communication patterns that could be simmering in your midst

The Teramind AI engine surfaces insights in rapid time, so you can get the answers you need right away.

How can I know if an employee crosses the line into harassment or abusive language in their messaging?
Any channels can trigger a toxicity alert, including direct messages, call transcripts, emails, and more. Teramind AI will trigger an alert when communications cross a combination of the thresholds you set for metrics like language use, tonality, or other key indicators.

Teramind AI prevents you from having to ever look at employee communications unless there’s a real need. Using a combination of indicators, Teramind can even be set to only record when communications cross the line into noncompliance.

Mapping communication patterns between employees, Teramind AI can show you when a connection is starting to spread toxicity. Since quieter employees may be hesitant to come forward, you can use Teramind AI find out before it goes too far.

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