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Data-Focused Hybrid Workforce Management

Achieve greater operational efficiency across your entire in-office, remote or hybrid workforce management with practical insights and business intelligent behavior analytics.

Empower Hybrid Workforce Management
with Actionable Metrics That Rely on Operational Data

Organizations big and small need effective solutions that will bring efficiency to their hybrid workforce operations and inform their decision-making when it comes to managing their hybrid teams.

Teramind not only helps business leaders gain insights into what their staff is working on, it helps identify areas where operations can be optimized to achieve more productivity and higher output. 

Unify the Management of Your Dispersed Workforce

Teramind comes equipped with activity monitoring and time tracking tools so you can efficiently manage your hybrid workforce from a single dashboard

Set schedules for employees and get alerts when employees sign in late, early or not at all

Label apps and websites as productive and unproductive to gauge how they’re spending their workday

See how much time employees are dedicating to certain tasks and which apps they’re using to get the job done

Find out when employees are idling for too long or spending too much time on non-work related activities

Send automated alerts to employees who are getting too far off track

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Manage Your Workforce with Data Driven Objectivity

Teramind provides comprehensive behavioral analytics that give businesses a complete look into day-to-day operations. Over time, trends emerge that can guide hybrid workforce management

hybrid workforce management

Distinguish between how much time employees spend on value-added tasks compared to busy work like meetings and emails

Ensure tasks and projects progress by setting limits on email, messaging and application usage

Determine where employees are getting stuck and investigate what’s causing their workflow holdups

Identify employees at risk of burnout and rework their to-do lists through data-backed productivity trends and analysis

Eliminate Task Redundancies & Workflow Bottlenecks

Teramind’s Business Intelligence Reports present the complex data Teramind collects in an easy-to-digest format so inefficiencies can be identified and addressed

Examine the way employees use their work apps to find out if their being weighed down by app overload

Pinpoint bottlenecks and process delays, then drill down into what’s happening using reports that detail organizational, departmental and individual workflows

Discover and eliminate tasks redundancies or unnecessary activities between departments or employees

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Enrich Task & Project Management Systems with Behavioral Insights

Teramind’s out-of-the-box integrations with project management systems like Jira, Zendesk, ServiceNow and others enrich PMS software with the comprehensive behavioral data Teramind produces

Learn the exact workflow that goes into each issue, ticket or task your employees are working on in your PMS

View labor cost breakdowns of projects, tasks, departments or users

Drill down what’s needed for bigger projects and smaller tasks to better organize your employees and budgets

The Features That Power Teramind

We bring businesses peace of mind through our award-winning workforce management solution

Discover Workforce Management

What is workforce management?

Hybrid workforce management is the strategic process of optimizing hybrid employee productivity and performance by creating standard and consistent systems.

The goal of hybrid workforce management is to accurately forecast operational, resource and labor needs for any job or task performed by dispersed teams.  Achieving this requires gathering the metrics surrounding budgets, scheduling, employee performance and project labor needs. 

While the idea of workforce management has been around for years, the use of workforce management systems to improve operational efficiency has regained momentum thanks to the growth and evolution of behavior analytics and the shift to remote and hybrid workforces.

What are workforce management tools?

Workforce management tools are the software and solutions organizations use to gather and analyze the data needed to inform their hybrid workforce management strategy. The tools gather labor, budget and productivity insights relating to the workforce. Workforce management tools are what an organization’s leaders use to keep track of their staff and gain insights into employee performance.

How do you manage a remote workforce?

Best practices for managing a remote workforce include establishing daily check-ins, being over communicative with your staff, setting realistic expectations, making sure they have the tools they need and relying on technologies to help you stay connected and informed on what your remote team is working on.

Workforce management software is a type of technology remote and hybrid managers may rely on to gain insights into the productivity behaviors, as well as payroll and scheduling breakdowns of their staff. 

For more information on how you can manage and stay connected to your remote workforce as a manager, visit our blog on the topic.

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