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Teramind is designed for user-friendly management. Yet, the busiest teams may still struggle for time to manage their users, update reporting, enhance monitoring during staff turnover, and more.

What can Teramind Managed Platform Services do for you?

Free Up Time

You have a lot of tasks. Let us take this one off your plate. We’ll configure and manage your Teramind instance, start to finish.

Increase Security

In a busy environment, new hires and exiting employees can fall through the cracks, creating significant security risks. We’ll handle that, and we’ll even reassign seats when someone leaves. 

Gain Expert Insights

Who better to help you get the most out of Teramind than Teramind experts? Our experts will work with you to not only optimize your instance, but help you analyze the data.

Mature Your Program

Once you meet initial goals, our experts can help you take the next step in your user behavior analytics program.

We've got you covered.

When you already have a lot on your plate, you need someone you can trust to execute on your vision, help you achieve your goals, and maximize your investments. We got you.




Professional Services Capabilities

Manage Reports

Design, manage, and distribute reporting

We can help you with:

Knowing which metrics to use as KPIs can be daunting when you’re new to User Behavior Analytics. Chances are, our experts
Update licenses

Keep Accounts Updated With Staffing Changes

Promotions, new hires, and the occasional staff turnover are inevitable at any organization. We’ll work with you to ensure
Mitigate turnover

Update Settings and Configurations

As people are either promoted, shift departments, or put in notice of their departure, it’s important to realign monitoring
Manage Settings

Update Settings and Configurations

As your organization matures, you’ll want to make sure your Teramind instance evolves too. For example, some business
Monitor Contractors

Manage 3rd Party Contractors

Outsourcing short-term, or even major functions, has become a way of life for most organizations. However, it comes with risk.

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