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Teramind Labs exists to advance the understanding of employees in the workplace across security, productivity, training, and wellness.

7% of employees at 
any organization are actively falsifying work activity, on average.

There are 12 defined behavioral indicators of an insider threat,  many of which are productivity-related.

Disgruntlement, a key indicator of insider
 risk escalation, has 10 key behavioral indicators.

51% of currently
 employed workers 
say they are actively
 job hunting.

Only 20% of
 employees feel 
connected to their company’s culture.

23% of the global workforce has experienced workplace violence.

60% of employees
 with first-hand knowledge of unethical behavior at work never report.

25% of all security
incidents involve insider threats.

As it turns out, human behavior isn’t totally unpredictable. That makes who, when, why, and how it’s going to happen the biggest questions for predictive analytics researchers. We’re here to answer those questions.

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We’re training AI against the world’s preeminent Identified workforce behavior analytics dataset.

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