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Meet Your Data Goals

Let us help you think through the best way to leverage Teramind for your needs and design a process that will get you there – start to finish.

What can Teramind Advisory
Services do for you?

Alignment from Day One

When introducing a new technology and data sources, it can be tempting to just roll it out and experiment. If you need to prove out results and show ROI right away, lean on our advisory services to make it happen, out of the gate.

Measurement Techniques

Bring us your user-related business problems, and our experts will design the right strategy to measure, visualize, and solve for exactly what you need to know – even if you need some custom work to get there.

Gain Expert Insights

Who better to help you get the most out of Teramind than Teramind experts? Our experts will work with you to not only optimize your instance, but help you analyze the data.

Turnkey Solution

No matter how complex your environment, our advisors can help design an implementation that meets your needs – and the roadmap to get there. So, when it’s time the work is done for you.

We Get You.

When you already have a lot on your plate, you need someone you can trust to execute on your vision, help you achieve your goals, and maximize your investments. We’ve got you.




Get help from the data experts

your goals

Understand Your Goals

We will work to understand how your business, agency, or department operates, and exactly what you hope to achieve. This may include custom data projects, the launch of a new insider risk behavior monitoring program, custom implementations, phased rollouts, and more.

Data strategy

Design the Right

Data Strategy

During this phase, we will help you decide which data to collect and analyze. Additionally, our experts will work hand-in-hand with you to build a strategy that will meet your business and corporate policy needs.

Your Current State

Evaluate Your

Current State

Establishing your baselines is an essential first step for the success of your project. With Teramind’s granular data collection capabilities, this can often be achieved in as little as one week.

Your Solution

Implement Your

Depending on the complexity of your project, implementation support can give you the extra assurance you want when building a custom data project or new program internally.

success with kpis

Measure Success
With KPIs

While you will always own decision-making for your Teramind instance, our experts can act on your behalf. If your team is short-staffed and would like to lean on our expertise to help.

Teramind Environment

Manage Teramind Environment

When you roll out a new solution like Teramind, you want to see how it has helped your organization over time. Whether you want to calculate increased efficiency, high-priority alerts,

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