Intelligent Business Process Optimization

Reimagine how business gets done with business process optimization data that creates more efficient systems, increase productivity and streamline processes.

Redefine operational efficiency with actionable
workforce insights that maximize ROI

Business process optimization radically redesigns and optimizes systems through workflow awareness and analysis fueled by intelligent data collection.

Teramind helps organizations operate with higher efficiency by producing objective data that identifies how employees work and systems to optimize.

Uncover ineffective, time and resource wasting steps in the work process

Teramind’s data collection and analysis gives managers and administrators a deep understanding of work processes and uncovers inefficient and effective systems

View reports that show exactly what happens at every stage of every task and project and how long each takes

Drill down how work is done by employees, departments or across departments to reveal what’s not working

Root out what operations and processes are creating unnecessary actions or time consuming work

Put efficiency first by identifying then eliminating the steps and processes employees often skip or workaround

business process optimization software

Discover process gaps and redundancies resulting in underperformance

Teramind mines and analyzes workforce habits to uncover process gaps and workflow redundancies that hold your workforce and organization back

process optimization analytics software

Get up to the minute data on what employees are doing and where they’re spending too much time

See where work bottlenecks in high-level reports, then find out why with automated data analysis

Discover what systems don’t work and why, then use the same data to influence new system design

See if the same work is being done twice by either individual employees, teams or whole departments

Find out the processes behind your best and worst performing employees

Teramind tracks and logs every action employees execute which allows you to identify the precise actions that promote and slow productivity

Review reports that show top and bottom performing employees, teams and departments

View screen recordings and employee activity logs to uncover individual workflows used by high performers

Investigate and diagnose what’s causing the sluggish performance of low performers

Identify stages of system process slowing employees down and where systems can be updated

business process analytics

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Discover Business Process Optimization

What is business process optimization?

Business process optimization is the radical redefining of core business operations in order to achieve greater operational efficiency and boost productivity, output and quality of service and products. The process involves a complete reimagination and restructuring of existing business practices. Business process optimization became popularized in the 1990s and has regained attention as businesses adopted digital technologies to aid their workflows. Another renaissance of business process optimization began with the shift to remote and hybrid work models.

The goal of business process optimization is to update systems that result in substantial, organization-wide improvements including increased revenue from improved productivity and enhanced systems.

What does business process optimization involve?

Business process optimization involves dramatically rebuilding an underperforming system or process already in place at an organization. Completing a successful business process optimization campaign requires collecting and analyzing data relating to the existing systems in order to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement, then completely redesigning those systems to optimize and simplify them based on the analyzed data. The goal is to streamline workflows to promote efficiency and productivity which in turn increases ROI.

Business process optimization isn’t a one-off occurrence. Systems and processes must be regularly analyzed and adjusted for businesses to continually operate at optimum efficiency. Technologies are always changing. In order to keep systems running efficiently as possible, business process optimization needs to be a regular part of an organization’s methodology.

How do businesses benefit from business process optimization?

Successful business process optimization benefits businesses by increasing revenue, streamlining operations and maximizing productivity. Business process optimization identifies areas in businesses that can be improved like lackluster communication, process gaps, bottlenecks and other operational pain points that employees may face day-to-day. By eliminating these hurdles, productivity and efficiency flourishes and businesses deliver better products at a higher output rate for less effort resulting in higher returns and revenues.

How does endpoint monitoring assist business process optimization?

Endpoint monitoring assists business process optimization by providing the data points organizations need in order to inform the redesign stage of the process. Endpoint monitoring gathers all types of employee and user activity, and depending on the endpoint monitoring solution used, analyzes it to reveal trends in employee behavior. This data and analysis is an integral part of business process optimization. Without informed analysis and intelligent data to guide restructuring efforts, attempts to enhance operations through business process optimization often fall short of expectations.

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