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Make your data work for you

Custom development and data services from Teramind can help you get the most out of your data.

What can a Teramind Professional
Services project do for you?


An enterprise organization met compliance requirements while still using screen recording, using custom field redaction to obscure all sensitive account data from admin view.


A Fortune 500 financial institution increased process efficiency by 82% with custom in-app field-level parsing.


An enterprise bank met compliance by tracking sensitive data inside internal applications with custom parsing and scriptable rule logic.


A Fortune 100 data company solved their productivity problem with a custom geolocation feature and 2 custom integrations.

A Solution Provider Who Gets It

When you’re managing an enterprise environment, you have specialized needs, because a single, well-executed project can change everything.

Global Teams

Complex Systems 

Leadership Demands

Professional Services Capabilities

Development & Engineering

Our enterprise clients often
have very specific visualization needs, and we have a history of building them.

If it’s a data source we do or can collect, the sky is the limit on what we can build to help you solve your problems.

Platform Syncs

Our developers can help create custom syncs for existing Teramind integrations, or build a new one with for you.

In a complex environment, integrations can save the day – and a lot of time!

Problem Solving

Our experts will leverage their knowledge and experience with other clients just like you to help engineer the right solution for you.

Others may be teammates


Enterprise goals and projects often bring enterprise-sized challenges.

Others may be supporting.

Thought Leadership

When it comes to improving efficiency, managing insider risk, or workforce oversight, Teramind has the thought leaders to help you define and solve your workforce challenges.

Preparation & Planning

We can help you think through resource planning, timelines, and how to achieve your goals with Teramind.

Enterprise implementations often benefit from evaluating your existing tools, aligning steps to your goals, and more.
AI & Machine Learning

Applying AI can speed up and generally improve the way you view, process, and use your data.

Let our AI and ML team help you use generative and NLP artificial intelligence to reach your behavioral data goals.

You want a provider who has the talent, knows your name, dedicates time and resources to you, and will put in the work to make it happen. That’s what we do at Teramind every day.

You have a unique problem to solve – that’s why you’re here. Make your data work for you.

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