Teramind Data Loss Prevention

Robust Data Loss Prevention and Insider Threat Protection

Strengthen data loss prevention with a robust endpoint monitoring system that identifies and blocks malicious user activity

Detect, defend against and respond to data loss events
with real-time activity monitoring

Protecting a device-dependent workforce requires solutions that supplement traditional cloud and network security and protect company data on every device.

Where other DLP solutions fall short, endpoint monitoring with Teramind ensures employees, devices and data stay secure against loss. 

Strengthen data security for the entire workforce, anywhere they are

As an enterprise data loss prevention endpoint monitoring solution, Teramind’s feature suite works to protect company data from loss of any kind, wherever it’s being used

Prevent accidental data loss with rule customizations that monitor email & messaging activities, web use and more

Keep your data where it belongs with file transfer and file activity rules and monitoring

Track and monitor the activity of any user signed into servers, even contractors & other third parties

Protect company data after hours with schedule-based rules and policies

Keep track of the privileged user data access with role-specific rules

Strengthen Data Loss Prevention with Teramind

Prevent malicious and risky activities with automated responses

Teramind comes equipped with automated rule responses that can stop data loss events before or as they’re happening

Teramind Rules and Automated Detect Insider Threats

Ease the workload of your security team by creating automated alerts that respond to harmful activities

Send alerts to administrators and IT security whenever risky actions are performed by users

Block risky actions like downloading attachments from unknown senders or copying data to a USB

Automatically lock out users performing high-risk activities and actions

Enrich security operations with contextualized data & rigorous investigation tools

Teramind’s data provides the context security operators need in order to understand the events leading up to and surrounding
a data loss event

Assign risk levels to rules to help the security team understand the criticality of rule violations

See if activities by a particular employee or user are trending toward a data loss event

Automatically lock out users performing high-risk activities and actions

Locate data hidden within images or videos or hidden in clipboard copy/paste operations

Playback video sessions or watch them live to watch a user’s step-by-step activities

Simplified Risk Assesment Strengthens Data Loss Prevention

Prevent insider threats from wreaking havoc on the system

Teramind protects against all types of insider threats including intentional, malicious threats or accidental breaches caused by
human error

Prevent Insider Threats with Teramind

Ensure company data is being handled properly with real-time alerts and live session views

Monitor data activities of offboarding employees with scriptable rules and policies

Create specialized monitoring rules to make sure privileged users aren’t taking advantage of their access

See who your riskiest users are and the activities they’re performing via the Risk Management dashboard

Protect against unintended harm with rules and actions that monitor common human errors

Protect and monitor the most sensitive & confidential company data

Teramind’s content tagging and fingerprinting capabilities let organizations monitor the data they value most like IP, M&A documents and other valuable company data

Define the data that’s most important to the company and monitor their usage

Discover defined sensitive content appearing in any format with advanced OCR search

Protect PII, PHI and PFI with prebuilt rule templates that make it easy to monitor and safeguard privacy data

Protect sensitive data against threats

The Features That Power Teramind

We bring businesses peace of mind through our award-winning data loss prevention solution

Discover Data Loss Prevention

What is data loss prevention and why is it important?

Data loss prevention is the process of protecting against data leaks by monitoring and preventing the data from being shared or exfiltrated in an unauthorized manner. Data loss prevention is a general term used to describe protecting data against all types of threats including third-party cyber attacks and insider threats.

Data loss prevention is important to businesses and organizations because it works to protect against costly data breaches and compliance regulation failures.

How do you prevent data loss?

Data loss can be prevented in many ways. The three main strategies are network data loss prevention, cloud data loss prevention and endpoint data loss prevention. Network security often typically takes a traditional castle and moat approach, where anyone or anything outside of the network cannot access the data inside of the network. Cloud security takes a similar approach to network security and relies on a set of policies and controls that protects the data being stored on the cloud.

Endpoint data loss prevention focuses on the machines (computers, laptops and servers) and users handling the data. Endpoint monitoring serves as an endpoint data loss prevention solution by tracking data while it’s being used on an endpoint device.

What does DLP stand for?

In cybersecurity, DLP stands for data loss prevention and is defined the same way: as a process that protects data from being shared or exfiltrated in an unauthorized manner.

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