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RDP Session Recording

Monitor RDP Sessions in Real Time with Teramind

Teramind can record any or all RDP sessions on a Windows Server. Every user activity during terminal server sessions is recorded and indexed for quick access through the Teramind dashboard. See session screens in live or historic view, or recall a RDP session by activity type or event. Teramind's state of the art software features the most robust RDP session monitoring and remote desktop recording platform in the world, and can record Citrix and standalone Windows sessions as well.

RDP Recording Features:

  • Monitor RDP sessions with live view, video playback and screenshots of all user activity
  • Configure alerts for any user activity, or block specific high risk activities on remote desktops
  • RDP session recording features full activity monitoring including tracking of all user keystrokes, emails, website visits, chats, file transfers, and print jobs
  • Monitor remote employees and contractors who connect via RDP to insure protocol adherence, audit compliance and prevent security breaches
  • Full featured time tracking which seamlessly allows employees to clock hours worked via RDP sessions
  • Simple remote desktop control for all live sessions features the ability to manually override any user action