Unproductive Employee
Activity Reporting

Track time spent on work activities with customizable productivity settings and view the findings in easy-to-read comparison reports.

The age old question:
How do you measure productivity?

Old employer thinking mandates time spent as a key metric for productivity. However, with automation, state-of-the-art AI, and other tools to help speed up standard processes hitting the market daily, this can be tricky. For example, what if you have an employee who can get more work accomplished in less time? Or, what do you do when an employee takes extra time to think during their work day, but their outputs are consistently top quality?

Teramind encourages organizations to use productivity settings to test and prove theories that help you understand your workforce better – and revise them as you learn from the data. 

What You Can Do With
Employee Activity Reporting

AI and the Future of Workforce Management

Teramind is continuing to develop AI capabilities that will automatically correlate metrics across your teams for a more complete and even predictive picture that gets you ahead of the game.

We are committed to developing the features that will make you better and faster. Managing your employees across both productivity and security is about to get easier.

Core Teramind Features

Leverage Teramind’s unparalleled power to solve your workforce challenges.

Live View & Historical Playback

Optical Character Recognition




Instant Message Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring



Remote Desktop Control

RDP Session Recording


Active Vs. Idle

Time Logs

Unproductive Work
Time Analysis

Unproductive Work
Time Analysis

RDP Session Recording

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