Citrix Session Recording

Citrix Session Recording

Teramind is a complete solution for XenApp or XenDesktop session recording. As a drop-in replacement for SmartAuditor, Teramind provides visual screen recording for all Citrix sessions, as well as indexing all user activity metadata. Organizations can use the software for privileged user,external vendor monitoring, and jump gateway monitoring.

Teramind is also a Citrix Ready Partner.

Citrix Session Recording

Tracking Citrix Activity

Use Teramind to search through heaps of user activity data by simply entering a keyword, and then drill down into the users, computers, or video recordings that you're looking for. Configure alerts for any user activity, or block certain activities as they happen.

Real-time Alerts, Proactive Blocking, and User Education

Teramind provides real-time alerting of all user activity. Administrators can also configure rules and proactively protect the organization by enforcing good user behavior. Teramind can react to any observable behavior, including file activity, sending an e-mail (even from a personal provider), or even printing a document. Possible solutions include blocking the action, locking out the user, notifying the administrator, or simply warning the user and educating them to follow your organization’s policy.

Citrix Session Rule Violations


Capture copies of printed documents, content of e-mails, instant messages, websites visited, applications accessed, keystrokes, and more. Search through mountains of content in seconds and find the user even that you’re looking for. Then, play it back as if it were a video. Some examples include:

Application Activity

Insider Risk Management

Get immediate insight into who the risky users are within your company. See and take action based on rule violations and behavior anomalies. Identify the bad apple in the bunch and take action before costly consequences occur.

Application Activity