Search user sessions with Optical Character Recognition

Conduct high speed searches of any user session with optical character recognition (OCR) to find content anywhere on screen in any format

Investigate with OCR

With the ability to search non-parsable and unstructured data, Teramind’s OCR search enriches forensic investigations and compliance audits

security audits with OCR tool by Teramind

Locate exactly when a data breach occurred and the user actions that led up to and followed the event

Find any time compliance-applicable data is viewed, accessed or used in a noncompliant manner

Export OCR search results and submit findings as forensic evidence for audit and data breach investigation purposes

High Speed Session Mining

Search every archived and active employee session recording to find any on-screen text fast

Search employee and third party contractor sessions even if the agent isn’t installed on their endpoint machine

Use optical character recognition to find and collect evidence to submit during audits

Quickly search every recording session to identify the data or content you’re looking for

Search data inside employee session recording

OCR Rules & Policy Enforcement

Apply rules to OCR searches and get notified when content violating the rules appears on screen

ocr risk assessment tool

Use simple text, keyword, wildcard or RegEx to define what OCR should look for in user sessions

Alert administrators anytime OCR detects a content rule violation in a session recording

Use prebuilt rule templates to identify unprotected or unsecured PII, PFI or PHI in OCR searches of sessions

Session Recording with OCR in Action

The uses for optical character recognition are limitless

how Business Intelligence Reporting works

IP & Embargoed Data Protection

Set OCR rules surrounding sensitive text and content to keep track of how often users accessed and viewed the content and what they did with it


Threat Intelligence Enrichment

Locate the exact moment a data breach happened, then watch the session recording to find how it happened and what happened after


Internal Investigations

Use OCR to assist internal HR investigations to find instances of harassment, misconduct and other violations of company policies

One solution for data security, productivity & compliance

Harness user behavior analytics and policy automation to achieve any goal.
Teramind’s comprehensive data collection and analysis helps your organization meet any type of goal

insider threat management tool

Robust analysis & risk scoring for Insider Threat Detection

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improve employee productivity tool

Detailed activity tracking for Productivity Optimization

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