Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Session Mining with OCR

Teramind’s advanced OCR feature allows you to discover onscreen PII, PHI, PFI and other sensitive information in real-time. The OCR engine continuously captures, indexes and analyses a user’s desktop using machine learning and sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms. With OCR, you can quickly search for textual information even inside images or videos, build powerful content-rules or conduct forensic investigation easily.

Some use cases of Teramind’s OCR and fingerprinting features are:

  • Alert when a user sees a full credit card number on the screen violating the PCI DSS compliance requirements.
  • Find out how often a user saw certain sensitive record and recall desktop videos & screenshots of those occurrences for investigation purposes.
  • Create rules for applications that are not easily parseable because the text is inside images or videos.
  • Notify an admin when certain text appears on the screen.
  • Prevent embargoed data exposure such as M&A announcement, stop insider trading, etc.
  • Monitor the activity of third-party vendors, contractors and other external users on a Terminal Server without needing to install an Agent.

Check out how it works below: