Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Session Mining with OCR

Teramind’s advanced OCR feature allows you to discover onscreen PII, PHI, PFI and other sensitive information using keywords, patterns, and regular expressions. The OCR engine continuously captures, indexes and analyses a user’s desktop using sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms. With OCR, you can quickly search for textual information even inside images or videos, build powerful rules or conduct forensic investigation easily.

Some use cases of Teramind’s OCR features are:

  • Alert when a user sees a full credit card number on the screen violating the PCI DSS compliance requirements.
  • Find out how often a user saw certain sensitive record and recall desktop videos & screenshots of those occurrences for investigation purposes.
  • Create rules for applications that are not easily parseable because the text is inside images or videos.
  • Notify an admin when certain text appears on the screen.
  • Prevent embargoed data exposure such as M&A announcement, stop insider trading, etc.
  • Monitor the activity of third-party vendors, contractors and other external users on a Terminal Server without needing to install an Agent.

Check out how it works below: