screen video recording of employee activity

Screen Video Recording of Employee Activity

Collect and view video-quality desktop session recordings embedded with information about alerts and violations live from your browser

Computer Screen Recorder for Employees

Teramind visually records every action that a user makes while on a machine, allowing for both instant administrative viewing and access to extensive histories of content

Real-time streaming of user activity through the Teramind dashboard via your browser

All activity, from keystrokes to actions taken within applications, is monitored and recorded

Block user and employee personal information from being displayed during live view and session playback

Take control of a user’s desktop with remote desktop control to mitigate a potential breach situation

record employee computer screen

record computer screen

Live View & History Playback

Extensive history logs allow past recordings to be searched and retrieved in seconds

Optional audio recording settings allow capturing of audio inputs and outputs (speakers and microphones)

Export and download recorded files as AVIs

One solution for data security, productivity & compliance

Harness user behavior analytics and policy automation to achieve any goal.
Teramind's comprehensive data collection and analysis helps your organization meet any type of goal

insider threat management tool

Robust analysis & risk scoring for Insider Threat Detection

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improve employee productivity tool

Detailed activity tracking for Productivity Optimization

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