Protect your Company from Insider Threats

70% of companies discovered instances of misuse after installing Teramind.
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Thursday, October 06, 2016 @ 10:00 AM EDT

A Unique Approach to Enforce Corporate Policies
by Jason Pears, VP Sales of Teramind

Prevent Insider Threats

Stop malicious users in their tracks before they take that file, send that e-mail, or issue that command.
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Know What's Going On

Teramind is the most powerful full-time user activity recording platform in the world. No activity slips through the cracks.
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Increase Productivity

Remove the guesswork and see where your employees spend the most time. Optimize their procedures and productivity and get instant ROI.
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Enterprise-grade Scalability

From the world's largest banks and telcos, to the five-person design company. Teramind has the most robust and proven cloud and on-premises solutions for all organizations.
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With Teramind, we have been able to enhance our security system with monitoring capabilities that consistently protect our data from threats. With our company expanding at a rapid pace, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the actions of each employee. Thanks to Teramind, however, not only has its software added critical security support, but its behavior analytics and productivity analysis features have led to massive reductions in payroll spending.

Orange AC's Network and Security Administrator

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