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I want to
get alerted when
block when
lock out when
warn when
redirect when
monitor when
remote vendors
privileged users
remote users
visit unauthorized websites
send emails to my competitor
copy files to USB drive
upload excessively to google drive
are idle while working
print sensitive documents
search for jobs online
get recruited by radicals
offer to sell sensitive data
are harassing other employees
spend excess time on social media
read an e-book on hacking
install new programs
see sensitive data on their screen
violate compliance rules
access a critical server
tamper with company servers
try to bypass the web proxy
handle customers unprofessionally
violate workplace conduct rules
Pull the lever

Insider Threat Detection

Automate risk detection and block unwanted user behavior. Teramind uses smart rules & alerts to always keep your organization safe.

Employee Monitoring

Get full visibility into user activity & easily identify behavior anomalies. Teramind monitors and records e-mails, websites visited, chats and more.

Audit & IT Compliance

Track all user activity and easily access full video session recordings and logs. Adhering to IT compliance & audit requirements has never been easier!

Workforce Productivity Optimization

Remove the guesswork and see where your employees spend the most time. Optimize their procedures and productivity and get instant ROI.

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Sign up to Teramind Basic Cloud employee monitoring software for free. No credit card required.

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Install Agents

Install the monitoring agents on the machines you wish to monitor, deciding on either full or part-time monitoring.

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Customize Settings

Customize each alert and monitoring setting to perfectly tailor the platform to your requirements.


Take Control!

Access all features within Teramind's platform for unrivaled monitoring capabilities that enhance security and productivity.

Teramind Customer Testimonial

With Teramind, we have been able to enhance our security system with monitoring capabilities that consistently protect our data from threats. With our company expanding at a rapid pace, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the actions of each employee. Thanks to Teramind, however, not only has its software added critical security support, but its behavior analytics and productivity analysis features have led to massive reductions in payroll spending.

Orange AC's Network and Security Administrator

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