Monitor Email Activity

Email Monitoring

Whether an email is being received or sent, Teramind's e-mail monitoring software records and indexes all information related to the action, preventing security compromises and sensitive data from being transferred out of a system. Monitoring employee emails in the workplace is an essential component of insider threat detection, and data loss prevention. Teramind takes the guess work out of knowing who employees are sending emails to, what is being shared, and if sensitive files are being attached.

What is Email Monitoring?

Teramind gives organizations insight into how employees use email as part of their day to day jobs. E-mail monitoring provides a wealth of information on both individual users and departments as a whole. This can help management identify poor working relationships or communication issues between individuals or teams as a whole. Since all incoming and outgoing messages are tracked, it is simple to discover if there is an unacceptable lag time from when e-mails containing crucial requests are received, and when they are responded to. This can help improve workplace efficiency drastically, and ensure compliance and company standards are being adhered too.

Monitoring employee email is also one of the most effective methods for both identifying and preventing insider threats to your orginization. Employees who send outgoing emails which contain sensitive and/or confidential information can be quickly identified and locked out of their accounts. This also can provide insight in to which employees are disgruntled so action can be taken before they become a threat to your business.

The monitoring of email activity is also extremely valuable for auditing company compliance for employees who work in fields like customer service, collaboration, public relations and all other roles which rely heavily on sending outgoing email daily.

Employee Email Tracking Features

  • All events associated with incoming and outgoing emails, from typing and attaching content when sending, to reading and accessing attachments when receiving, is recorded for visual playback
  • Covers all email platforms, such as Outlook (web & desktop), Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, and more
  • Email attachments are monitored and optionally saved
  • Alerts can be set based on any email property, such as content, recipient, subject, and more
  • Ensure company policy and procedures are being adhered to in all employee e-mails
  • Monitor networking and collaboration emails to fine tune messages and optimize return on investment from outreach campaigns
  • Get automatic alerts when emails are send to non-corporate accounts or suspicious hosts