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Defend company and customer data against misconduct by leveraging behavior analytics to detect and prevent fraudulent activity

Drive Your Insider Fraud Detection Strategy with
Behavioral Data Analytics

Insider fraud is on the rise, especially for those operating in financial services. Intelligent behavior analysis solutions give businesses the means to detect, prevent and protect against fraudulent activities.

Teramind’s insider fraud detection solution relies on user activity monitoring, automated responses and comprehensive behavior analytics to detect the subtle signs of insider fraud and then prevent it.

Fortify insider fraud detection with continuous policy enforcement

Teramind ensures continuous enforcement of anti-fraud measures and assists security and fraud teams in their insider fraud detection efforts

Create rules and policies to monitor users and enforce anti-fraud initiatives

Automatically notify admins, block actions or lock out users when anti-fraud policies are violated

Apply stricter monitoring controls for added security to data defined as sensitive & critical

Enforce role based access controls (RBAC) that limit data access based on job titles

User risk assessments to find out if user actions are trending toward fraudulent

Monitor those most likely to commit insider fraud: privileged users

Protect critical data from insiders most likely to conduct insider fraud and in positions to cause the most damage–supervisors, accountants and other privileged employees

Track, record and log whenever customer information and accounts are accessed by users, including admins

Block attempts to disable fraud detection alerts or escalate privilege

Get automated alerts to irregular system requests like data export attempts or unauthorized data access

Assess the validity everyday actions that could be used for fraud like creating new accounts or loans using OCR

Be alerted to all actions regarding privileged data like M&A documents, credit card information or IP

Protect company data that’s most at-risk for being targeted by fraudsters

Use Teramind for focused monitoring and protection of the confidential and sensitive data most at risk of being used to commit insider fraud: PII and PFI

Detect & block activity containing PII & PFI like clipboard operations or print screen functions

Use OCR search to detect if users are transferring or hiding PII or PFI in unstructured formats

Find out whenever users attempt to access data containing PII or PFI

View risk reports and assessment on users with access to PII and PFI

Get logs detailing user behavior surrounding PII and PFI data

Enhance internal audits & investigations with contextualized evidence

Teramind produces audit trails containing behavior reports, logs and analytical assessments detailing all monitored activity and actions performed by users

Investigate each logged activity or behavior alert with historical playback of video recorded sessions

Catch and watch fraudulent activity in real-time with instant violation alerts and live session playback

Use audit trails created to investigate and uncover trends in suspicious activity

View risk analysis and assessment reports built by UEBA that assist in exposing insider fraud

Collect irrefutable evidence of insider fraud for internal or external investigators using logs and recordings

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What is insider fraud?

Insider fraud happens when a malicious insider, whether they’re an executive, manager, employee, contractor, vendor or partner uses their access to perform intentional data misconduct for personal gain or to conduct further criminal activity. Fraudulent insider activities include data mishandling, stealing customer and client information to organize an identity crime or stealing an organization’s intellectual property.

Insider fraud affects all industries and is most prevalent in sectors that handle personal information and have high transaction rates like finance and banking, healthcare, e-commerce and charities.

How does insider fraud occur?

Insider fraud occurs when someone with access to an organization’s data uses their access to defraud the organization, its customers or both. Insider fraud is usually conducted over a period of months or years, in a series of minor infractions that go largely unnoticed until a thorough audit of activities is conducted.

It can be as simple as using a company credit card for personal purchases or as complex as stealing customer personal identifiable information to supply an identity theft scheme.

What threats does insider fraud pose?

Insider fraud may result in financial loss, reputational damage and loss of customer trust, along with penalties and fines for failing to comply with data protection requirements.

How do you detect insider fraud?

While insider fraud detection has become increasingly difficult in today’s digital environment, anti-fraud departments and IT security can make use of modern technologies to strengthen their insider fraud detection capabilities.

Insider fraud detection entails the continuous logging, monitoring and auditing of employee actions which allow security and anti-fraud professionals to discover and investigate suspicious activities that may result in detection of fraud early on. This process can be automated with the use of AI-machine learning.

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