Teramind Insider THreat Prevention and Detection

Insider Threat Prevention & Detection Powered by Behavior Analytics

Protect sensitive and confidential company data from loss caused by accidental, negligent or compromised insiders with insider threat prevention fueled by data-driven endpoint monitoring

Insider Threat Prevention For Every Type of Business

No business, enterprise or SMB, is immune to insider threats. To detect and prevent them, organizations need proactive and modern solutions that supplement traditional cybersecurity tools.

Teramind’s analytics, automated incident response and contextual user monitoring data strengthen cybersecurity and provide security teams with enriched data to identify malicious insiders. 

Prevent all types of insider threats and data loss caused by insiders

Teramind is capable of detecting insider threats and preventing them before they happen through its Behavior Rules & Alerts engine

Get alerted to anomalous and malicious behaviors indicative of an oncoming attack or data breach

Limit how company data and files are handled to prevent accidental or intentional data leaks

Protect your systems from malware by preventing users from falling vulnerable to phishing campaigns

Keep an eye on those who have the most access with access control policies for privileged users

insider threat detection software

Detect and thwart attacks in the moment with real-time threat prevention

Automated & customizable responses built into Teramind stop insider threats and alert admins before an attack happens

insider threat analysis

Monitor and block email transport activities that indicate data exfiltration

Prohibit file uploads to anywhere including public cloud and external USB drives

Shut out users after-hours or when logging in from unknown sources and IP addresses

Intercept suspicious email activity like unprotected data sharing

Predict oncoming threats with intelligent risk assessment

Use dynamic risk scoring to gain insights into user behavior and prevent insider threats and other potential security risks before they become critical issues

See all risky activity in a single dashboard and identify the organization’s biggest security risks

Find out if users’ risk is persistent or escalating to address growing threats to the system

Identify vulnerable or targeted areas based on what, when and where risky user behaviors are happening

Uncover anomalous, deviating behaviors indicative of  insider threats

prevent insider threats

Conduct detailed investigations and collect irrefutable evidence

Perform detailed forensic investigations with Teramind’s forensics features like session playback and OCR to find out exactly what happened during a breach

insider threat monitoring software

See detailed timelines of user and administrative actions in immutable logs that can be used as forensic evidence

Watch what happened leading up to and following a rule violation or alert

Find stealthy activity hidden inside unstructured data with high-speed OCR search that locates unstructured content

Pinpoint the exact moment and location a data breach occurred with comprehensive activity reports

The Features That Power Teramind

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Learn About Insider Threats & Insider Threat Prevention

All of your questions about insider threats and how to protect your business

What is Insider Threat Prevention?

Insider threat prevention is the proactive protection of systems and company data from loss caused by an employee or user that has internal access. Insider threat prevention focuses on protecting data by detecting and identifying all types of insider threats

Examples of Insider Threats

Examples of insider threats include users whose malicious, accidental, negligent activity results in data loss. Insider threats can be an employee that sends sensitive information to the wrong email address, a user that shares data in an unprotected way or an employee who steals company data in exchange for money

Indicators of Insider Threats

Look for these indicators of insider threats to help identify an insider threat:

  • Privilege Escalation 
  • Accessing and performing actions outside of role
  • Abnormal data behavior like excessive downloading
  • Anxious and aloof temperament

How Insider Threats Can Be Prevented

Insider threats can be prevented by implementing a proactive insider threat identification and detection strategy. A successful insider threat detection and prevention strategy includes tools like activity monitoring, that can track user behaviors on systems

Best Insider Threat Detection Tools

The best insider threat detection tools are those that provide insights into user behavior. User and entity behavior analytics and user activity monitoring and endpoint monitoring tools featuring behavior analytics are the best tools for insider threat detection

Learn More About Insider Threat Prevention

What is an insider threat?

An insider threat is a threat to an organization coming from within. These threats pose risks to the organization in more than one way. Insider threats can be malicious and intentional or just negligent and careless users.

A well rounded insider threat prevention plan protects organizations against all forms of insider threats, malicious and intentional or negligent and careless.

What advantages do insider threats have over others?

Insider threats are uniquely positioned to wreak havoc on a system because of their relationship to the given system. With access and familiarity with how the system works and where the valuable data is, the damage or data theft a malicious insider can inflict on a system can create problems for a business they may never recover from.

What are some potential insider threat indicators?

Potential insider threat indicators include in-person and digital signs of a threat. On the system, potential insider threat indicators include things like privilege escalation attempts, email transport changes, increased data access attempts and off hour logins. In person, potential threat indicators may be things like nervousness and disengagement. Insider threat prevention tools like endpoint monitoring help monitor system indicators of an oncoming attack from an insider.

How do you prevent insider threats?

Organizations detect and protect against insider threats by employing modern cybersecurity solutions like endpoint monitoring. Using endpoint monitoring can strengthen insider threat prevention by alerting system administrators of anomalous behavior that is typically indicative of an insider threat, providing access monitoring of privileged users, and allowing automated responses like blocking high-risk insider behavior.

What is the purpose of an insider threat prevention program?

The purpose of an insider threat prevention program is to protect company data against loss caused by users with access to company systems. Successful programs detect and mitigate threats that have access and knowledge of the system.

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