Network User Activity Monitoring


Network Monitoring

Do you know what's happening on your business' network? Monitoring your company's networks can give you insights into every day activities and alert you to dangers to your network and systems. Implement network monitoring software to discourage unproductive personal activities such as online shopping or social media browsing and reduce unnecessary network traffic as well as reduce the consumption of network bandwidth. Network monitoring can also help your organization ensure adherence to internal policies. Use network monitoring with Teramind's other activity monitoring solutions to safeguard data, company information, and intellectual property.

Teramind's network monitoring tools allow administrators to monitor network traffic - all applications and users connected to the internet, identity location, time and exact IP ports utilized for the connection. Additionally, administrators have access to full reports that measure the amount of bandwidth used by individual employees and the specific computers used to establish network connections.

Business Network Monitoring Tools

Get detailed, real-time, fully customizable alerts for any activity on your business' network, including repeated connection attempts, initiation of specific root processes, use of suspicious connection protocols, visits to unsafe destination IPs and more. Network monitoring allows administrators to block connections or data transmissions from individual IP addresses or computers.

Network Activity Alerts can be customized based on:

  • Date/Time
  • Active Employee/User Identity
  • Computer
  • Destination IP
  • Destination Port
  • Protocol
  • Amount of Data Incoming/Outgoing (Bytes sent/received)
  • Process