Keystroke Monitoring

Keystroke Logger

Included with Teramind's tracking features is keystroke monitoring software, which captures all keyboard activity and every individual keystroke entered, recording all information to comprehensive logs which can be used to formulate a base of user-based behavior analytics. Whether monitoring remote or on-site users, employers have full insight in to all keystrokes and copy/paste actions initiated.

Keylogging with Teramind provides a wide range of insight for management about their employees, from if they are using unprofessional language, to if they are repeating easy to guess passwords across all their accounts. Keystroke monitoring for privileged users and external vendors can be a crucial step towards meeting compliance standards and regulations.

What is Keystroke Monitoring / Keylogging?

Keystroke monitoring is the use of surveillance software to track, capture, record and log all keyboard activity by a user or employee whether into web browsers, instant messages, e-mails, applications, documents and programs. Keylogging is an invaluable way for employers to gain insight in to their employees' daily activity, attitude, professionalism and productivity. Teramind's keystroke monitoring integrates seamlessly with the software's other robust features including internet, email, and instant message activity tracking. With our cloud implementation solution, physical access to an employee or user's desktop is not required to begin tracking keystrokes.

Keylogging Features

  • Visual and textual evidence exists for every keystroke and copy/paste operation
  • Create anti-logging rules, such that key strokes won't be recorded when the user is checking their personal bank account or entering a credit card number
  • Configure behavior rules that alert of lock out a user when certain keystrokes are pressed in certain websites or applications
  • Full recording of both invisible and hidden characters