Employee Monitoring for Productivity, Security & Compliance

Go beyond basic employee monitoring with data-backed behavior analytics that provide actionable insights for productivity, data security and compliance while maintaining employee privacy.

Comprehensive Employee Monitoring for
Productivity, Security & Compliance

Whether you’re an enterprise, government agency or SMB, managing today’s dynamic from-anywhere workforce requires versatile solutions that provide effective and well-informed metrics and insights.

Teramind’s behavior analytics provides a way to enhance operations, track productivity, fortify your security stack and reinforce compliance management with a solution tailored to your needs. 

Optimize productivity of all employees – remote, hybrid or in-office

Teramind supplies powerful employee productivity data that identifies and highlights workforce trends and informs day-to-day
decision making

Use any type of data Teramind collects as a productivity metric to measure employee performance

Identify tasks and workflow bottlenecks and redundancies in order to streamline processes and increase productivity

Label apps & websites employees use as productive or unproductive to see when and where work happens

Identify top- and low-performing employees and analyze their work habits

Get alerts and send messages to employees when they’re being too unproductive for too long

employee monitoring software

Secure employees and contractors everywhere with endpoint monitoring

Block malicious and high-risk activities and get full audit trails of employee activity that enrich security operations

employee tracking system

Enrich telemetry to assist security analysts in monitoring and triage

Immediately block malicious activities and alert the security team of incidents in real-time

Perform detailed forensic investigations with video recordings, immutable logs and OCR search

Get a bird’s-eye-view of organizational risk via Risk Analysis dashboards

Detect and protect against malicious activity with automated activity blocking, user lock out and remote desktop control

Quickly integrate Teramind into your SIEM via plug-and-play integrations

Manage regulation compliance and data handling activities

Pre-built and customizable rules and alerts allow enterprise, government and SMB organizations to simplify and automate
compliance management

Use activity rules to support a variety of global compliance regulations

Utilize out-of-the-box rule templates that enforce GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and more

Tailor alerts and reports to monitor and highlight specific compliance needs

Detect non-compliant activities in unstructured data and enhance audit evidence with screen recordings & OCR

Avoid penalties and fines by preventing non-compliant employee activities as they happen

monitor employee computer

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Discover Employee Monitoring

What is employee monitoring?

To fully understand what employee monitoring is, it’s first important to understand what it’s not. Employee monitoring is not spyware nor is it employee surveillance. Employee monitoring is a technology used by businesses that collects activity data for behavior analytical purposes. These behavior analytics are then used to create insights into an organization’s data security health, operational efficiency and workforce productivity.

Employee monitoring is utilized by organizations big and small for a variety of purposes such as: to prevent and detect insider threats, to strengthen data loss prevention, to gain insights into the efficiency of internal systems, to manage and maintain industry compliance standards, to identify employee burnout and to protect customer, company and employee data against a cyberattack.

Employee monitoring gives employers a look into organization, departmental or individual trends that show how and when work is being done and if it’s being conducted securely and compliantly.

What does employee monitoring capture?

There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to employee cybersecurity. Employee monitoring like Teramind captures as much or as little as administrators want. Monitoring for data loss prevention and cybersecurity requires more comprehensive and rigorous activity data collection while monitoring for productivity and performance can be done in broader activity trend monitoring and analysis.

Is using employee monitoring a good idea?

Employee monitoring benefits all types of organizations across all industries. Businesses can increase employee productivity, reduce non-valuable administrative work, identify process gaps, decrease employee burnout, detect insider threats, protect sensitive company data, improve employee time and task management and ensure regulation compliance all through deploying a single monitoring solution.

Why monitor employee internet & website usage?

By monitoring employee internet and website usage businesses can ensure safe data practices relating to both compliance and internal cybersecurity and internet usage policies as well as gain insights into productive and unproductive employee behaviors. As threat actors become more sophisticated, monitoring employees’ online activity helps security analysts track risky online behavior that may grab the attention of attackers.

How do you monitor employees ethically?

Monitoring employees ethically is necessary for a successful monitoring strategy. Lawfulness, privacy, transparency and purpose are all contributing factors when considering employee monitoring. While employee monitoring is legal, certain jurisdictions may require notice and even an opt-out. Knowing what monitoring regulations your organization is held to is the first step to monitoring ethically. The purpose of your organization’s monitoring is equally important to ethics as it is the monitoring laws.

In today’s privacy-first data environment, privacy and transparency should also be taken into consideration for an ethical execution. Informing employees of your organization’s intentions to monitor reinforces trust between the organization and employees. Ensuring their personal privacy when conducting monitoring achieves this too.

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