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Cyberattacks by malicious actors, either outside or inside of an organization, are becoming more sophisticated. Advanced threat detection methods are needed to keep organizations safe from attack.

Teramind’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics relies on regression analysis and a proprietary risk scoring algorithm to identify and detect anomalous behaviors that are indicative of a potential attack.

Detect anomalous behaviors in any activity on any endpoint

Teramind UEBA exposes irregularities in system and user activities with an advanced analytical approach. Harness the Teramind platform to find suspicious behavior on any endpoint

Create baseline behaviors for activities and schedules of employees, departments and the entire organization

Receive alerts as soon as a user or entity begins showing symptoms of a data breach or attack

Detect compromised credentials by monitoring anomalous network activity attached to user logins

Monitor system sign-ins and block unrecognized login locations and times

Detect if and which endpoints are exhibiting abnormal activity, even if they’re being controlled remotely

Automate incident response & enrich security operations

Teramind UEBA eases the burden on security response teams with AI-powered automated responses, event enrichment and advanced forensic investigation capabilities

Uncover and reduce the occurrence of false positives in your incident management system

View risk assessments of users, entities, departments or specified groups based on regression analysis

Find out what happened when incident alerts are received with in-depth investigation tools like session recordings and immutable logs

Strengthen the security of system objects like email, web, application, data files and access levels using analytics

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What is UEBA, user and entity behavior analytics?

UEBA, or user and entity behavior analytics, is a cybersecurity model that detects threats to a system by analyzing behaviors and flagging anomalous activity that deviates from the established behavioral baseline. 

UEBA has quickly become a must-have tool in the security stacks of enterprise organizations. Enterprise businesses managing large workforces made up of full-time and part-time employees, contractors and third-party vendors working both in-office and remotely often find gaps in their traditional security perimeters making it difficult to keep an eye on every user and employee signed into the system. UEBA, user and entity behavior analytics, automates this process.

How does UEBA work?

By relying on intelligent machine learning, UEBA collects, processes and analyzes the network activity of users and entities to establish a baseline behavioral reading. These readings are then gathered for each individual or aggregated by department, role or for the entire organization. After the baseline behavior is set, the algorithm goes to work to identify user and entity behaviors within the system that exceed or fall below the determined baseline. These anomalous behaviors then alert the UEBA system to tell administrators and security teams that something odd is happening on the network. 

Detecting these anomalous behaviors is the core of the user and entity behavior analytics function. In order to cause harm or exfiltrate data from a network or system, threat actors perform actions that are atypical of normal network activity.

Detecting an attack that’s using an employee’s compromised credentials is a practical example of UEBA in action. The machine learning and algorithms used by user and entity behavior analytics determine a normal behavior for activities attached to the employee. If a threat actor uses the employee’s credentials to access the network outside of working hours, from a different IP address, or begins accessing data the employee doesn’t normally use, transferring large amounts of data outside of what the employee typically transfers, a UEBA solution will raise an alert on these actions, and depending on its capabilities, block the actions and lock out the user.

What types of threats does UEBA, user behavior analytics, detect?

UEBA, user and entity behavior analytics, detects a range of complex and sophisticated attacks that may otherwise go undetected by traditional cybersecurity and data loss prevention techniques like a firewall. Because user and entity behavior analytics operates by detecting anomalous behavior and abnormal activities across system objects and users, it’s able to detect potential data threats of all kinds like insider threats, compromised account credentials, brute-force attacks, new-user creation and data breaches.

Since it’s highly customizable, UEBA has the ability to detect a wide variety of threats and threatening activities.

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