Why use Teramind for Law Firm Cyber Security?

Law firms are privy to sensitive client data related to intellectual property, security trading, M&A activity and more. The digitalization of data has increased the incentives to compromise law firms data therefore increasing their exposure and chances of being targeted by an insider threat. In order to avoid legal ramification for themselves, law firms need to focus on cyber security, keeping their information safe and educating employees about best practices.

How Teramind Can Help

Our software secures law firms' sensitive data against insider threats by allowing you to use risk based rules to define and identify high risk behavior by users within your organization.

  • Identify the data most important to your organization & understand when it’s at risk
  • Teramind aggregates all your data in real-time to help you identify which users access specified data and provides you with the option of automated real-time protection.
  • Receive alerts on your high-risk users and behavior in order to keep your data safe.
How Teramind Can Help

Law Firms Use Teramind Software To:

  • Provide a guarantee to clients that your law firm uses the top cyber security technology available to ensure safekeeping of data.
  • Understand exactly what client data was accessed by who and when. Teramind provides you with a full report and video playback of how it was used.
  • Easily secure all data from leaving via external sources such as email, file transfers/uploads or as attachments
  • Access a detailed audit trail of all administrators and users for law firm client audits.

Try Teramind and start protecting your sensitive data