Robust Behavior Analytics for Call Centers

Protect your call center and customer data with intelligent user activity monitoring that can detect compromises in agent actions

Did You Know?

30% of call center agents can access customer information without being on a call
5% of call center agents have intentionally participated in fraud

One solution to protect and manage
call center activity

Detect risky agent behavior on calls and between calls

Use Teramind’s responsive activity monitoring and behavioral analytics to:

Get risk assessments and threat alerts for the organization, departments or individual users

Automatically block actions putting your organization at risk

Monitor sensitive content anywhere on screen like account numbers and PII

Harness prebuilt rule templates to safeguard and enforce compliant behaviors with protected data types PII, PFI, PHI and more

Protect customer data against insider threats, fraud, exfiltration and other malicious activities

Monitor activity with prebuilt rules

Gain oversight into your remote and seasonal workforce

Leverage Teramind’s scalable platform with flexible deployment to monitor your entire workforce:

optimize productivity of remote teams

Monitor agents anywhere with endpoint installation or terminal server deployment

Expand and decrease your Teramind solution to meet your seasonal needs

Boost the security of your remote teams with total endpoint monitoring

Ensure your anywhere workforce is on-the-clock and meeting goals

Optimize agent productivity with data-driven insights

Use Teramind’s business process optimization tools to increase efficiency and get more done:

Identify high and low performers and see the actions behind their performance

Track focus time and idle time to see when agents are getting

Limit access to distracting websites and applications that keep your agents away from calls

Find out where agents are losing time due to redundant work and process gaps

Label websites, applications and activities as productive or unproductive to see how agents split their time

track productivity with teramind
Teramind Behavior Analytics and Insider Threat Management for call centers.
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