In-app Field Parsing of Custom Apps & Websites

Collect in-depth monitoring and behavioral data from any app or website to uncover the insights and metrics most meaningful to your organization

Operational Alignment

Promote productivity and manage app overload by uncovering inefficient app and field processes, even within custom apps

View comprehensive breakdowns of the time spent accessing and entering information into each field

Discover redundant field operations across apps where employees lose time by reentering information twice

Examine detailed field & app navigation behaviors to eliminate unnecessary field entries

Capture and classify field level data to perform a deeper analysis of its significance and necessity

Analyze form submissions data

Fraud Detection

Protect your organization from insider fraud and data misuse by monitoring how field level data is used in custom apps and websites

form data Fraud Detection

Build rules and alerts to closely monitor specific in-app fields or field data types

Detect if employees are copying field level information to unauthorized locations or storing it on the clipboard

View screen recordings of field entry to find out exactly how fields and their data are being accessed and applied

Integrate behavioral field data into SIEM to enrich the security team’s telemetry and threat intelligence

Custom Parsing Dashboard

Harness Teramind’s in-depth reporting and data analytics by combining custom in-app field level data with BI Dashboards

Collect granular data on field-level actions that easily integrates with project management systems and your SIEM

Group, view and highlight field data on the dashboard in a way that makes sense for your organization’s needs

Get easy access to field data risk and potential field information vulnerability directly on the dashboard’s Risk tab

Use the dashboard to drill down into employee field processes like the data accessed and time spent in each field

form submission dashboard

In-app Field Parsing in Action

Find out how to make in-app field parsing work for your organization

how form analytics tool works

Fraud Detection

Add an extra layer of protection to customer and client field level data by monitoring actions taken in app fields that contain sensitive data


Business Process Optimization

Bring efficiency to your entire organization with a feature that identifies task app inefficiencies to inform workflow optimization


Productivity Optimization

Empower employee productivity and ease their workflows by determining how employees can better navigate in-app fields

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Harness user behavior analytics and policy automation to achieve any goal.
Teramind’s comprehensive data collection and analysis helps your organization meet any type of goal

insider threat management tool

Robust analysis & risk scoring for Insider Threat Detection

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improve employee productivity tool

Detailed activity tracking for Productivity Optimization

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