Comprehensive Fraud and Insider Threat Detection for Finance

Strengthen cybersecurity and insider threat detection for finance with a robust enterprise DLP endpoint monitoring solution

Intensive fraud and insider threat detection for the
industry that needs it the most

Assess, detect and block malicious insider activity

Use Teramind’s User & Entity Behavior Analytics and activity reports to:

Detect anomalous and malicious activity indicative of fraud

Identify risk trends among the workforce to shore up security gaps

Get notifications in real time with alerts for insider threat detection for finance

Block risky user and employee activities to prevent data vulnerabilities

detect malicious insider activity

Monitor how customer PFI and company data is handled

Use Teramind’s Behavior Rules and Alerts and Scriptable Rule Logic to:

Use Teramind’s Behavior Rules and alerts

Track every action and activity relating to your institution’s most sensitive data

Block high-risk activity, lock out a user or notify administrators when data handling violates policy

Enforce role-based access controls to limit data access spread and special alerts to monitor privileged users

Use prebuilt PFI content rules or scripted custom PFI rules to keep track of activities surrounding customer PFI

Enhance audit response and investigations with irrefutable evidence

Use Teramind’s session recordings, audit trails and OCR search to:

Uncover trends in suspicious and malicious activities

Collect and provide detailed, irrefutable evidence for investigations and audit

Analyze activities and drill down what happened in video quality session recordings

Ensure compliance with GLBA, SOX, GDPR, FCPA and more

session recordings for OCR

The Features That Power Teramind

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