Secure and Compliant User Activity Monitoring for the Public Sector

Protect high-target government and public sector agencies with secure and comprehensive user activity monitoring

Harden your agency’s cybersecurity strategy
before it falls victim to attack

Protect against insider threats and data exfiltration

Use Teramind’s Rules and Alerts Engine and OCR search to:

Discover classified data in structured and unstructured formats on the fly using scriptable rules and OCR

Detect, record and block any malicious and unauthorized network activity

Get real-time alerts to classified data access attempts

insider threats protection

Maintain & manage compliance regulation standards

Use Teramind’s Activity Logs, Behavior Reports and Session Recordings to:

User Activity Logs, Behavior Reports and Session Recordings

Provide detailed forensic evidence and proof of compliance monitoring

Highlight vulnerable and high risk activity and behavior patterns

Leverage prebuilt rule policies to comply with global compliance standards

Monitor third parties and contractors that use the network

Use Teramind’s Third-Party Risk Management toolkit to:

Track the activity of outsourced contractors and third-party vendors

Protect against accidental and intentional data exfiltration attempts

Leverage scriptable rule logic to create custom policies in line with ITAR, EAR, OGD, GSCP regulations as well as others

Monitor third parties vendors

Customize solutions to fit your agency

Use Teramind’s Customization and Professional Services to:

secure endpoint monitoring solution

Create a secure endpoint monitoring solution targeting your sector’s security, compliance and productivity needs

Collect organization-specific user, compliance, security and workforce data and behavior trends individual to your operations

Compliantly protect against insider threats and monitor user activity

Teramind satisfies regulatory requirements for government user activity monitoring and insider threat detection:

CNSSD 504 Annex B





ISO 27001

The Features That Power Teramind

Deployment Options

Find a Teramind deployment option that fits your agency



Maintain total control and ownership of your data with Teramind’s on-premise deployment.


AWS GovCloud

Combine the scalability of the cloud with the security and compliance of on-premise with the leader in private cloud.


Azure Government Cloud

Get agility, scalability and reliability and meet compliance needs with Teramind deployed via Azure Government.

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