Use Endpoint User Behavior to implement
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Capture, Analyze and Control User Desktop Activity For Any Use Case

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Behavioral Analytics, Data Insights & Enforcement for All Organizations


Small Businesses

Strengthen security, improve productivity and manage compliance with a single, scalable solution

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Build a customized monitoring solution capable of analyzing granular customer app behavior data

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Satisfy regulations with a secure, endpoint monitoring solution that caters to the needs of government agencies

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Explore Teramind’s Product Suite


Teramind Starter

Get acquainted with the power of behavioral data analytics with our introductory session monitoring solution


Teramind UAM

Enhance your monitoring capabilities with best-in-class user behavior analytics


Teramind DLP

Strengthen your defensive posture by protecting your sensitive data


Teramind Enterprise

Satisfy advanced and custom use-cases with our professional services

Teramind in Action

Insider Threat Prevention

Detect and prevent user actions symptomatic of insider threats to your data

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Business Process Optimization

Redefine the way you operate with data-driven behavior analytics

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Employee Monitoring

Keep track of the productivity, security and compliance behaviors of your workforce

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Enrich incident response, investigations and threat intelligence with irrefutable evidence

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The Features That Power Teramind

Getting Started with Teramind

Step 1

Create An Account

Get a Free Trial of Teramind On-Premise or Teramind Cloud

Step 2

Install Agent

Install the agent on the machines you’ll monitor

Step 3

Customize Settings

Customize monitoring settings for your use case or use our predefined rules


Take Control

Gain visibility and actionable insights into your workforce activities via the dashboard

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