Teramind's Stance on Privacy

Teramind is a security company committed to protecting critical business data and helping organizations meet their regulatory compliance goals. We believe with a combination of transparency and customized rules, organizations can balance information security and employee rights. With Teramind, organizations can keep their employees accountable for their actions surrounding company data while honoring user privacy.

Choose Who + What your Organization Records


Teramind allows administrators to control who and what they can record.​ The software offers the option of recording only business applications or completely disabling recording for specific websites and applications.​ For example, you can choose to record activity only within business applications such as Quickbooks or SAP and ignore Facebook Messenger.​ Administrators can also set the rules to the opposite of the given example to monitor when users are not using specific applications​.


Organizations can also apply settings which allow them to be alerted when a rule violation takes place and only record those instances allowing other data not related to the rule violation to never be recorded. For example, if a user has attached a "confidential" file and e-mailed the file outside of the organization and your organization had a set rule for this notification, administrators would have a recording of this action. However, the rest of the activity from their computer would be unavailable.


Lastly, Teramind allows for turning off monitoring for specific time periods, such as lunch-breaks. On request, we can deliver our software with a special key that allows your organization to implement Teramind without specific features, such as keystroke logging.​ With customized versions, administrators have no ​option to implement features that go against your organization's monitoring policies.

Protect your Customers


Get notified when employees access or transfer sensitive data related to PII, PHI and more. For example, if you have employees that have access to users' patient records or credit card numbers, administrators can be alerted each time your customer's personal information is viewed by an employee.


Administrator's Audit and Access Levels


Administrators' privileges can be limited with access to only​ view ​specific sets of data. Additionally, all their actions are logged as immutable audit entries which ensure that administrators are following protocol and not abusing their privileged access.

How can I implement user privacy for my employees? ​

First, choose which department and employees will fall under your customized rules.

Select Department

Then, pick the type of activity your organization doesn't want to monitor:

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Also, set rules for activities​ your organization knows is harmful to their business:

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