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The Features That Power Teramind

Flexible Deployment

Deploy Teramind in a way that works for your organization

employee monitoring on-premise deployment


Maintain total control and ownership of your data with Teramind’s on-premise deployment

employee monitoring cloud deployment


Get up and running in minutes with Teramind cloud deployment. Automatic updates with no licenses or hardware

employee monitoring privacy cloud deployment

Private Cloud

Combine the scalability of the cloud with the security of on-premise. AWS and Azure deployment available

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Teramind Starter

Get acquainted with the power of data analytics through our introductory monitoring solution suited for organizations in need of basic monitoring. Gain workforce visibility with all of the most essential features

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Teramind UAM

Enhance your monitoring capabilities while providing detailed behavioral analysis with Teramind’s award-winning platform that offers more robust features

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insider threat detection software

Teramind DLP

Safeguard data, protect against insider threats and strengthen your overall defensive posture through behavioral analysis and insights with our most popular and comprehensive solution

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Teramind Enterprise

Create a completely customized user activity and endpoint monitoring platform that supplies the power of Teramind’s data collection tailored to your organization’s exact needs

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Teramind Agent
Quick Facts


Hidden or Revealed Agents


Unobtrusive & transparent


Low Resource Consumption


Teramind easily integrates with your organization’s security and
project management systems directly from the dashboard

Learn More About User Activity Monitoring

In order to monitor user activity, a monitoring platform needs to be installed on the user’s machine or on a server a user is signed into. User activity monitoring by Teramind can be deployed in both these ways.

After installation, the monitoring agent tracks and logs the activity and actions conducted by the end user on the monitored machine. The activity and actions that are logged depend on the user activity monitoring software used.

Our essential monitoring product, Teramind Starter, has the ability to track and log activity like keystrokes, while our other products in the Teramind product suite offer more comprehensive monitoring solutions that track file activity, web and application use and more.
As a user activity monitoring software, Teramind understands the importance of employee privacy and is committed to respecting the privacy of monitored end users. 

Monitoring limits and privileged user controls available on the Teramind platform ensure employee’s sensitive and personal data is protected. Other features, like Teramind’s Revealed Agent, offer added transparency and allow users to toggle monitoring on and off. 

To learn more about Teramind’s commitment to privacy and the privacy features built into the platform, visit User Privacy Management.
The benefits of user activity monitoring depend on its use case. With thousands of use cases, organizations benefit from use activity monitoring in more ways than one. High-level benefits of user activity monitoring include strengthened security against insider threats, improved productivity and an instant ROI.

User activity monitoring collects behavioral user activity analytics. The more comprehensive the monitoring solution is, the more data it collects and the more organizations can benefit.

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