User Activity Monitoring

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User Activity Monitoring

Apply Teramind’s user activity monitoring toolkit to strengthen your defensive posture against cyber threats. Detect insider threats to your organization faster and block malicious activity as it happens.

Teramind’s toolkit monitors and analyzes virtually any user action taken on an endpoint. Keep your data secure by identifying risky users, actions and activities before they result in data loss.

Teramind’s User Activity Monitoring Features

Explore Teramind’s industry leading toolkit of user activity monitoring features

Smart Rules & Automated Alerts

Intelligent, scriptable rules and automated alerts define what counts as a policy violation and automatically respond when violations are detected

Configurable rules closely track all employee activities to provide comprehensive monitoring of security, compliance and productivity behavior

Real-time alerts let administrators know when employee activities are in violation of defined rules

Automated response actions warn, block or lockout a user when they conduct rule-violating activities

Live View & Historical Playback

Visual recordings of all user activities provide administrators a way to view actions in real time and collect valuable forensic evidence for investigations

Session video recordings for activity monitoring

Session video recordings allow administrators to view live employee activity from any web browser

Historical session archiving gives IT security and admins the ability to thoroughly investigate security incidents and noncompliant activity

High speed search lets you retrieve recorded activity and actions in seconds

Privacy configurations keep users’ personal activities secure and block their viewing in playback

Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) performs high-speed searches of recorded sessions for sensitive content in structured and unstructured formats

Comb session recordings using optical character recognition to find sensitive information appearing on screen, even in images and videos

Notify administrators when any rule-defined text appears on screen. Prebuilt OCR template rules include PII, PHI or PFI

Perform OCR searches of all monitored network activity, including third-party vendors and contractors

Use simple text, keyword, wildcard or RegEx to find exactly what you’re looking for

Optical Character Recognition for data leak monitoring

Website & Application Monitoring

In-depth website and application monitoring ensures that employee internet usage is in-line with the organization

employee internet usage monitoring

Highly configurable labeling enables websites and apps to be categorized as productive or unproductive

Built in and customizable categorization provides enhanced productivity reporting

Get immediate alerts when users are being too unproductive or violating the organization’s internet policies

Inspire productivity with insights gained from web and app tracking reports

Email Monitoring

Teramind’s email monitoring tracks all incoming & outgoing emails, message contents and attachments

View and track email usage by any property including text contents, sender or recipient, attached files and email frequency

Track email on any platform and surveil email transport to protect against data exfiltration attempts

Monitor email correspondence to ensure it meets company standards and is in-line with company email policies and procedures

Security Email Monitoring against data leaks

File Transfer & Web File Tracking

File transfer and web file tracking keep an eye on how files are being used including file creation, deletion, access or write operations, and web-based uploads and downloads

file activity monitoring

Learn how employees are using company data with complete file activity metrics that inform productivity analysis

Limit how files are used or block access of the file altogether

Block web-based file sharing systems such as Dropbox or Google Drive and prevent email & instant message file sharing

Track a file’s movement through the system, regardless of whether or not the file was opened or if edits were made

Instant Message Monitoring

Monitor employee sentiment and engagement, compliance and security through Teramind’s instant messaging monitoring feature

Capture all IM exchanges on web and app-based messaging platforms to maintain data security and compliance

Gain visibility into employee sentiment with IM monitoring rules scripted by regular expression

Maintain decorum with inappropriate keyword prevention, get alerts when employee language is out of line

Preserve employee privacy with customizable settings that prohibit personal message monitoring

Monitoring employees Instant Messaging

Keystroke Logger

Keystroke Logger keeps track of every keystroke and keyboard command made by users to identify malicious activity and enrich employee productivity analysis

Keystroke Logger tool

Gain granular productivity insights into your workforce based on captured keyboard activity

Track, get alerted to and prevent malicious keystroke activity like registry queries or file and data searches

Configure the keystroke logger to keep employees’ personal information private and avoid recording items like credit card numbers or bank accounts

Printed Document Tracking

Printed document tracking monitors all types of document printing, both to a physical printer and when documents are printed in PDF format

Printing logs record all print requests made to track printer use and physical data exfiltration attempts

Printed document rules, alerts and automated response alert admins of sensitive file printing or block it altogether

View printed files from the dashboard and see who, where and in what format the document was printed

Use activity data collected by printed document tracking to enrich security reports and compliance audits

security monitoring for Document printing

Online Meeting Monitoring

Online meeting monitoring provides details on all the meetings and collaboration sessions users perform via video conferencing

Online meeting monitoring tool

Online meeting and video conferencing monitoring logs when meetings happen, the app used, duration, participants and the direction of the call

View screen and audio playback of online meetings to make sure employees are having productive meetings and all participants were actively engaged

Remote Desktop Control

Remote desktop controls give administrators the power to take over a user’s desktop to prevent attacks as they’re happening or provide hands-on remote training

A single-click icon while live viewing any session lets admins immediately take over desktop control

User override and lockout prevents manual inputs from the endpoint machine to prevent data exfiltration and other malicious activities

Remote desktop control provides engaged and active employee training for remote and hybrid staff in need of focused direction

Remote Desktop Control software

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User Activity Monitoring Use Cases

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Insider Threat Detection

Detect and prevent malicious and accidental inside threats to data

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Employee Monitoring

Track and view the behaviors and activities behind your workforce

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Compliance Management

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User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

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Data Loss Prevention

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Insider Fraud

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Workforce Productivity Optimization

Optimize workforce performance with a data-driven approach to productivity

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Business Process Optimization

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Hybrid Workforce Management

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Remote Employee Monitoring

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

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Privileged User Monitoring

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Understanding User Activity Monitoring

All of your questions about user activity monitoring answered

User Activity Monitoring Defined

User activity monitoring is a way to monitor computer usage and track user activity. By monitoring activity and then analyzing the user behavioral data collected, Teramind provides organizations complete visibility into what’s happening on endpoints connected to their network and among their workforce

User Activity Monitoring Benefits

Organizations benefit from the security automation and workforce analytics user activity monitoring provides. With Teramind, virtually any user action can be turned into a metric to monitor, measure and analyze while automated alerts and responses ensure policy enforcement. Highly-customized data paired with automated responses lay the foundation for enhanced business processes, leading to instant ROI as soon as monitoring begins

User Activity Monitoring Best Practices

Organizations gain the most when user activity monitoring and endpoint user behavior monitoring are performed following these best practices:

Transparency : Let users know when & why monitoring is taking place and what will be monitored

Check out the Revealed Agent

Limitations : Limit monitoring to only what’s necessary while avoiding collecting data on personal activities

Check out Monitoring Limits

Protect Collected Data : Ensure collected user data stays safe and protected from loss

Read about our Platform Security

Be Privacy Aware : Promote and respect user privacy and personal data while monitoring

Check out User Privacy Management

Legal & Ethical Considerations for User Activity Monitoring

Utilize settings and configurations in Teramind to address legal and ethical considerations for user activity monitoring

Monitoring Awareness : Let your users control when they’re being monitored so users are always aware they’re being monitored with Teramind’s Revealed Agent

User Privacy Protection : Put user privacy first and comply with any applicable data privacy regulations using Teramind’s privacy controls

User Data Security : As a data loss prevention provider we prioritize user data safety and follow the strictest protocols

User Activity Monitoring FAQs

Why is user activity monitoring important?

User activity monitoring is important for businesses to protect their data and optimize their workforce. Because user activity monitoring tracks the activities that occur on endpoints, actions relating to sensitive data can be monitored for strengthened security. These monitored activities also reveal what’s happening behind the workforce, allowing companies to optimize their processes.

What does user activity monitoring software do?

User activity reporting breaks down collected behavioral data then analyzes it and organizes it based on specified metrics. User activity reports outline the behavioral mechanics behind operations that influence security, productivity and general policy enforcement. Reporting plays an integral role in user activity monitoring as it provides administrators a detailed view of what’s happening on endpoints.

What is user activity reporting?

User activity monitoring tracks the user behavior and actions that occur on a monitored endpoint then analyzes it to create enriched analytic data that informs security operations and workforce optimization. By recording these actions and then analyzing them, user activity monitoring for Mac, Windows and any other operating systems provides detailed insights into behavioral trends occurring within a workforce.

How do I monitor user activity?

You can monitor user activity by using endpoint monitoring software that tracks user behavior and activity like Teramind. Installed on desktops or on a terminal server, Teramind records and analyzes the behavior of all users signed into the server or desktop where the software is installed.

Does user activity monitoring software take screenshots?

Some user activity monitoring platforms are capable of taking screenshots of a user’s desktop.  User activity monitoring software collects data in many ways including taking screenshots. Teramind’s screen monitoring features allow for even more detailed monitoring. Session recording in Teramind, for instance, offers video-quality screen recordings of all monitored sessions that can be viewed live or played back later. 

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