Scriptable Behavior Rule Logic

Configure smart rules with scriptable logic to create automated reactions and responses to your workforce’s behavior

Customized Automated Responses

Build customized responses and reactions to the risky, vulnerable or unproductive behaviors of your workforce

Create passive or active automated responses that react to policy and rule violations when detected

Alert admins, block actions, lock out users or redirect their focus to protect data or realign productivity

Get deeper, granular insights into the exact actions performed by your workforce as they perform organization-specific tasks

automated workforce’s behavior alerts

Maximize Monitored Data

Gain valuable insights into the workforce habits behind activity unique to your organization

user behavior security monitoring

Make any data Teramind collects a KPI to measure your workforce like custom-app data entry or sent/received emails

Collect behavioral data specific to the actions and activities of any custom app

Enforce custom-built rules that monitor and regulate the granular and specific field-level activities

Scriptable Rule Logic in Action

Scriptable rule logic works for any organization

how automated responses to your workforce’s behavior works

Informed Productivity Optimization

Drive productivity throughout your entire organization by collecting and analyzing custom KPIs and workforce metrics using any type of data Teramind collects


Customized Data Protection

Build custom responses relating to field-level data in any app, whether custom or web-based to prevent misconduct and misuse of sensitive data

One solution for data security, productivity & compliance

Harness user behavior analytics and policy automation to achieve any goal.
Teramind’s comprehensive data collection and analysis helps your organization meet any type of goal

insider threat management tool

Robust analysis & risk scoring for Insider Threat Detection

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improve employee productivity tool

Detailed activity tracking for Productivity Optimization

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