Unified Security through Endpoint Monitoring for Energy & Utilities

Monitor and protect systems, user endpoints and confidential information while shoring up compliance management

Protect critical systems and infrastructure from
negligent and malicious insider misuse

Defend against insider threats and data breaches

Use Teramind’s Scriptable Rule Logic and Automated Rules and Alerts to:

Detect and block malicious and anomalous user activity on endpoints

Build comprehensive data handling rules and policies

Prevent data exfiltration and unauthorized file transfer & data sharing

insider threats prevention

Secure sensitive data and trade secrets against loss

Use Teramind’s Content Discovery, Data Fingerprinting and OCR to:

Content Discovery, Data Fingerprinting and OCR

Discover sensitive and confidential data in-use, in-motion and hidden in unstructured data like images and videos

Monitor organization specific data like IP, trade secrets, seismic readings and prospecting plans

Track how sensitive data, files and documents journey through a network, with or without being edited

Gain complete visibility of endpoint activity

Use Teramind to user activity monitoring to:

View and control how employees use, access and transfer confidential trade data

Pinpoint process bottlenecks and system inefficiencies

Monitor contracts, third-parties or other vendors that have privileged access to sensitive data and the network

Identify user behaviors on the network that put your IP and other sensitive company data at riska and the network

user activity monitoring

Manage and fulfill industry compliance requirements

Use Teramind’s compliance management toolkit to:

compliance management tool

Conform with security and regulatory standards like NERC, FISMA, FERC, ISO 27001 and GDPR

Gather detailed evidence for investigations and audits like immutable activity logs, session video recordings and audit trails

Strengthen in-house cybersecurity training for employees with risk-targeted sessions

The Features That Power Teramind

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