Why use Teramind in the Energy Industry?

In an industry where employees have access to masses of intellectual property daily or have the ability to control municipality infrastructures, securing information is crucial for the company as well as for the safety of the citizens utilizing energy services. With Teramind, energy companies can use monitoring and alerts to secure energy production and refinery sites, protect information of future plans, and safeguard customer information. Teramind is also use by many energy companies for third party vendor monitoring.

How Teramind Can Help

Our cyber security software secures sensitive data for energy industry companies against insider threats by allowing you to use risk based rules to define and identify high risk behavior by users within your organization.

  • Identify the data most important to your organization in the energy/utility sector & understand when it’s at risk
  • Teramind aggregates all data for energy industry companies in real-time to help you identify which users access specified data and provides you with the option of automated real-time protection.
  • Receive alerts about high-risk users and activities in order bolster cyber security and prevent data loss.
How Teramind Can Help

Session Recording for Compliance

Teramind is a Citrix certified solution for session recording. Administrators can access full video recording of all screens monitored. Additionally, Teramind indexes all the data and segments usage into reports which allows for extended auditing functionalities. Audit any session based on user, computer, role or use of privilege.

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