Increase Employee Productivity

"Almost one in five people waste more than a third of their time at the office. In a week, this adds up to at least 15 hours, or nearly 2 full workdays of wasted time"


The Challenge

When time equals money, employee’s productivity has to be at its peak level to ensure optimal results. With so many distractions around us today, keeping our mind dedicated to our work tasks has become quite the test. Are employees spending too much time on tasks that are less profitable? Is just one employee unproductive or is it the entire team? How does your company track the following?

Team/Departmental Productivity
Website Visits & Social Media Use
Time Spent on Specific Projects
Time Spent in Work Applications

The Solution

Teramind gives you the ability to define productive applications, websites, and activities. Organizations can also input tasks and projects and have employee’s select what they are currently working on. With our time breakdown and activity category widgets, organizations have all their answers in one place. The process is easy:

Step 1

Organizations identify what they believe to be dangerous behavior

Step 2

Rules are defined in Teramind

Step 3

Teramind begins to monitor employees and aggregate data

Understanding the statistics behind employees’ workplace habits is the key to identifying
your most efficient employees,
boosting success and planning effectively.

Try Teramind

Teramind gives you the opportunity to watch your employees computer activity in real-time. You can help correct them before an error takes place by using remote desktop control or sending them an automated message.

Organizations can also monitor time spent within certain applications or on specific projects in order to allocate the correct amount of employees and time to each employee to successfully finish the task.

See your employees' productivity go up and get instant ROI when you let Teramind automatically warn users when they breach policy. Educate your users and promote accountability in your organization.


See live or historic videos of all user activity, as well as a log of all the actions that they took

Gain an understanding into how much time is spent in each application or website to optimize your work procedures

Easily identify your superstars and laggards, and drill-down to see what optimizations can be made