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Gain data-driven productivity & performance insights

Teramind gathers and analyzes all types of behavior data that show how employees spend their day. Identify areas for optimization and how improvements can be made

Get productivity data for every employee and contractor using your organization’s network

Determine if productivity is stagnant across the whole organization or if it’s just a few underperforming employees

Create customized detailed metrics to find out if workflows and apps in-use are hurting or helping

Identify high- and low-performing employees and departments then investigate what’s going on

employee productivity monitoring software

Identify productive & unproductive behavior trends

Teramind enables organizations to define what apps and websites are productive and unproductive. This labeling helps identify which departments & employees are most in need of productivity optimization

workforce productivity software

Label activities as productive or unproductive to pinpoint what type of work is or isn’t being performed

Customize labels and metrics by department or individual employee to gain accurate productivity insights

Limit the amount of time employees spend on unproductive tasks and send reminders to get back on track

Prioritize pressing or important projects and make sure your team stays focused on them

Create and collect custom KPIs for individual users or entire departments

Configure Teramind to capture distinct, granular KPIs and behavioral metrics that provide customized performance and
productivity analysis

productivity monitoring software

Make any action a KPI in order to track and measure employee or departmental performance

Apply configurable rules to custom app use to quantify behaviors individual to your organization

Get highly detailed and highly customized productivity measurements that provide data on any and every metric

Measure productivity based on singular actions like specific button clicks, emails sent to a particular address, or new contacts made on LinkedIn

Streamline workflows by identifying process gaps

Teramind analyzes employee activity to identify deficiencies like process gaps, skills gaps or redundancies in workflows and other areas where workforce productivity can be optimized

See why certain employees or departments are underperforming and set goals to promote improvement

Uncover where systems can be simplified and duplicate work eliminated with configurable metrics and KPIs

Learn what’s holding employees back from focusing on their value-added tasks and projects

Discover individual employee talents through objective data analytics to better inform restructuring

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Discover Productivity Optimization

What is productivity optimization?

Productivity optimization is the process of systematically improving productivity among individual employees or departments in the workforce. By focusing on productivity on a micro level with individual employees, productivity of the entire organization is optimized on a macro level.

To achieve productivity optimization, organizations must first collect accurate readings of employee activity data to establish where current productivity stands, then analyze them to find areas where productivity can be optimized.

How do you increase productivity in the workplace?

To successfully optimize productivity, organizations must take a multifaceted approach that includes productivity data analytics. The technologies available now enrich productivity measurements and allow organizations to pinpoint exactly what areas need improvement and what behaviors can be changed in order to achieve it.

Workplace productivity optimization is also achieved through creating a comfortable work environment that encourages employee engagement, limits distractions and provides employees with the tools they need in order to perform their jobs.

How do you measure employee productivity?

There are two ways to measure productivity. One way to measure productivity is to do a simple equation of output divided by input. While this provides an easy to understand numerical value of employee productivity, there’s a lot of information it doesn’t provide, like the meaning behind the number it produces.

The second way to measure employee productivity, especially in terms of productivity optimization, is through data collection and behavior analytics. Getting granular readings of what goes into an employee’s performance helps figure out areas and ways it can be improved.

There’s a lot more information out there about measuring employee productivity, we did a deep dive into the subject which you can find by visiting “Measuring Employee Productivity in Today’s Workforce”

What is employee productivity tracking software?

Employee productivity tracking software are technologies organizations use in order to collect data about employee performance and work habits. These software tools collect data points that provide an overall picture of how and what employees are working on and what gets in their way.

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