Activity Monitoring for the Healthcare Industry

Ensure consistent access to patient data and achieve compliance with user activity monitoring for healthcare

Did You Know?

A global survey found that 33% of data breaches in healthcare were due to accidental behaviors, and 25% were planned leaks by an employee.

Protect access to patient data with
Teramind User Activity Monitoring

Control who has access and how data is used

Use Teramind’s Behavior Rules and Policies to:

Limit and monitor access to patient and employee PHI, PII, PCI and sensitive financial information

Block unauthorized data access attempts and notify administrators

Prevent unencrypted file transfers and other data sharing operations

monitor access to patient data

Protect Sensitive Patient Data From Exfiltration & Misuse

Use Teramind’s Prebuilt Rules and Alerts, Session Recordings and OCR to:

Protect Sensitive Patient Data from leaks

Monitor data containing PII, PHI and other HIPAA protected terms to prevent unauthorized use

Receive alerts when suspicious and malicious activity with PII or PHI is occurring

Identify sensitive data in structured and unstructured data formats

Maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties

Use Teramind’s built-in PHI and HIPAA policies, activity logs and session recordings to:

Monitor activities surrounding data subject to regulation and block noncompliant actions

Create and export immutable activity logs to submit as burden of proof to regulatory agencies

Block all malicious, suspicious and noncompliant data activities

Monitor activities surrounding data

Optimize care workflows through data analytics

Use Teramind’s Business Intelligence reports to:

Business Intelligence reports

Identify workflow bottlenecks

Analyze where systems can be improved and workload eased

Discover ways to improve operations on a granular level among individual employees

Teramind Behavior Analytics and Insider Threat Management for health services.

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