User Activity Monitoring and Endpoint Security for Retail & E-Commerce

Protect your retail business and customer data with intelligent user activity monitoring that can detect compromises to company data

One solution to protect and manage
retail & E-Commerce business data

Automate and manage employee compliance

Use Teramind’s compliance management toolkit to:

Monitor activity with prebuilt rule templates for PCI DSS, financial information and other types of sensitive data

Automatically block noncompliant data actions

Collect detailed evidence like immutable logs and session recordings for audits

Use Teramind’s OCR to comb unstructured data to locate company data applicable to regulations

Harness compliance risk assessments to create focused and relevant cybersecurity training

Monitor activity with prebuilt rules

Track and supervise all activities relating to sensitive data anywhere on the system

Use Teramind’s Behavior Rules and Alerts and scriptable rule logic to:

user Behavior Rules and Alerts

Monitor all user actions relating to sensitive data from access to editing to transfers

Block actions, lock users out and notify administrators when actions are high-risk

Leverage prebuilt rule templates to automatically monitor and log customer PFI data activities

Secure sensitive data residing on POS systems, back-office workstations, on the network or on the cloud

Protect against PFI and PCI data exfiltration

Use Teramind’s user activity monitoring to:

Identify malicious behavior and insider threats to sensitive data in real time

Monitor third party vendors and contractors with privileged access to data

Limit access to cardholder/transaction servers and databases

Prevent users from sharing classified PFI and PCI on the web, to unauthorized apps, via email and more

Get risk assessments and threat alerts for the organization, departments or individual users

Identify malicious behavior

The Features That Power Teramind

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