DLP and Cybersecurity for the modern education system

Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for schools and universities that protect systems while promoting learning and sharing knowledge

Endpoint cyber defense for connected and
dispersed educational institutions

Protect campus data and networks from unauthorized use

Use Teramind’s Behavior Rules and Alerts to:

Implement rules and automated responses that protect student, parent and campus data from insider threat or accidental loss

Use scriptable rule logic, automated response actions and content discovery to identify and prevent privately funded research and IP data exfiltration

Block downloads from illegitimate and risky websites

security Behavior Rules and Alerts

Education and student data compliance management

Use Teramind’s compliance management toolkit to:

compliance management toolkit

Ensure compliance with FERPA, CIPA, GLBA, PCI DSS and other regulations using automated rules that can block user activities

Block any device on the network from accessing unfit websites and internet content

Prevent network users from downloading risky email attachments

Find out what individual employees or what groups and departments present the highest risk of compliance failure

Gain visibility into all network activity across campus

Use Teramind’s user and entity behavior analytics to:

Monitor network traffic and usage to detect spikes and depressions in traffic and activity indicative of attack

Leverage AI and machine learning to identify suspicious and malicious network activity

Analyze activities and drill down what happened in video quality session recordings

Get alerts in real-time when activity posing a threat to the network is detected

entity behavior analytics

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