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Privileged User Monitoring

Protect sensitive data against those who can do the most harm

Privileged User Monitoring, Privileged Access Management and DLP Technology to Protect Your Data & IT Systems

Privileged users have access to your core IT systems, network, applications, and data. The threats associated with privileged user accounts can be incredibly difficult to detect before they cause damage.

Teramind’s real-time privileged user monitoring and data loss prevention solutions help you monitor privileged users to automatically detect anomalous behavior and suspicious activity.

System Wide Monitoring and Control

Teramind’s privileged user monitoring visually records every action that a privileged user makes on your IT systems, including endpoints, servers/terminal servers, network, and the Cloud

Monitor virtually all activities including actions taken in custom apps, web use, app use, file transfer and more

Uncover what your users are up to, both online and offline using privileged user monitoring

Configure rules and policies with consideration to what needs to be monitored and who has access to monitored data

Get instant administrative oversight that helps to satisfy privacy compliance requirements

Intelligent Policy & Rule Engine

The core of Teramind’s privileged access monitoring platform is its automation. Teramind comes with hundreds of pre-defined policies and rules

Block email containing sensitive keywords, stop uploads of sensitive files, detect screen captures and prohibit external drives

Templates cover almost every use-case for data loss prevention, insider threat detection and privileged-user security

Use pre-built compliance templates to enforce compliance, user privacy and privileged user monitoring

Easily load templates then customize them to fit your specific monitoring needs

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Real-time alerts from the privileged user access monitoring system show what rules were broken, when they were broken and what user was in violation

Get alerted to privileged user rule violations as soon as they happen with instant alerts

Receive alert and notification reports on what actions were taken and in what context

Send privileged users instant warnings when their risky and suspicious activities are detected

Set up a monitoring widget on the dashboard for real-time privileged user monitoring updates active users

Behavioral Anomaly Detection

Define what constitutes dangerous or harmful user behavior within privileged access monitoring then automatically detect it with Teramind anomaly detection

Define baselines then automatically detect when a user, department, or group deviates from their normal parameters

Leverage behavior anomaly detection to get alerts when acceptable risk levels are exceeded

Detect behavior anomalies in apps, emails, network use, file activities or printing

Stop malicious attempts by locking users out or taking remote control of the compromised system after an anomaly alert is received

Remote Desktop Control

Teramind’s remote control feature gives you the ability to remove users, contain activity, and eliminate threats associated with privileged user accounts

Instantly take away a user’s ability to access a desktop with Teramind’s privileged access monitoring

Manually override an account and remove users or disable mouse and keyboard control so no further action can be taken

Access the remote control feature from any live session with a single click

Authentication and Access Control

Role Based Access Control (RBAC), authentication and segregated privileges prevent unauthorized access or sharing of confidential data

Set up account access for each privileged user that requires authorized clearance and easily track what each user is doing at any given time

Use group profiles to create different access levels based on departments, job function, or source of access (i.e. remoteor third-party)

See what information and system resources each group or department can access

Session Recording and Audit

Teramind visually records every action that a user makes while on a machine, allowing for both live viewing and past recordings. Extensive metadata and fast indexing from privileged user monitoring allow past incidents to be searched and retrieved in seconds.

Investigate user actions, rule violations and other incidents using session recordings

Export logs detailing privileged user sessions as PDF or CSV or import logs into monitoring and analytics systems like LogRhythm

Options to access audio through privileged user monitoring supports audio input/output monitoring

Activate audio support then download and export privileged user monitoring sessions with audio as MP4s

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Use Teramind’s dedicate Risk Assessment dashboard to conduct organization-wide risk assessments and risk assessments of privileged users

Profile risk by user, team, department or across the entire organization or by content

Derive reports by severity of risks or by how many times security violations occurred

Unique Risk Scores within the privileged user monitoring system help you identify high-risk users or policies

Risk scores can be used to develop plans for treating risks

IAM/PAM/SIEM Integration

Teramind privileged user monitoring allows you to share reports and threat intelligence with your security team or other departments and easily integrate with SIEM and other analytics tools

Integrate Teramind into your project management system or SIEM directly from the dashboard

RESTful APIs can be easily utilized by access/identity management (IAM/PAM) applications to create a single-sign-on (SSO) policy or share logs

Support plug-and-play integrations include HP ArcSight, Splunk, IBM QRadar, McAfee, LogRhythm and more

The Features That Power Teramind

Monitor Privileged Users & Contractors with Teramind


Enable Solid Access Control and Privilege Management

Apply individual and group level profiles, MFA, and segregated access levels to minimize identity compromise and account hijacking


Real-time Monitoring for Visibility & Control

Teramind’s remote employee monitoring keeps track of all user activity over endpoints, servers/terminal servers, network and the Cloud. Monitor all user activity covering 12+ system objects like: web pages, apps, email, file transfers, instant messaging, social media, and more


Detect Anomalies with Intelligent Behavioral Engine

Intelligent behavior analysis can detect malicious user activity and anomalies that indicate deviation from normal behavioral baseline


Protect Data and Privacy with Endpoint DLP

Prevent mishandling of confidential data like sharing over the Cloud or removable media. Dynamic blackout and access on a need-to-know basis means privileged users can’t see private employee data, customer information, and other sensitive data not relevant to their role


Conduct Forensic Investigation and IT Audit

Video/audio recording of all user activity, session recording, immutable logs, alerts, and optional OCR search are just a few examples of Teramind’s powerful audit and forensic capabilities. Together they provide a vast collection of investigation data to locate the cause and source of any privileged user-related threats with pinpoint accuracy


Enforce Least Privilege, Zero Trust Policy and Rules

Use the powerful Policy & Rules Editor to define what constitutes privilege abuse. Teramind then takes immediate actions like warn, block, lockout user, or take remote control of a system when a rule violation attempt is detected


Monitor External and Remote Users for Extra Protection

Monitor external and remote users like employees connected over VPN or terminal server, third-party vendors, contractors, and freelancers who have access to your critical systems to prevent sabotage or data theft


Conform with Compliance Laws and Standards

Privileged user monitoring and access management is required for most of the major compliance regimens, including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001 etc. With Teramind’s built-in compliance management features, companies can ensure the integrity and transparency for administrative access to PII, PHI, and other regulated data by privileged users


Risk Analysis to Identify Security Gaps & Vulnerabilities

Dynamic risk scoring and vulnerabilities scanning identifies top risky users, policy, and rules and system components. Trend graphs and severity mapping warn you about any change in threat level before it becomes critical

Industry Statistics Show the Need for
Privileged User Activity Monitoring

Privileged users pose the biggest insider threat and security risk

According to crowd-based research, 60% of risk comes from internal users and 57% from consultants and contractors


Majority of enterprise breaches involve privileged accounts

A survey confirmed that 74% of enterprise breaches involved privileged accounts while 66% of companies were breached 5+ times


Hackers see privileged accounts as the best route to sensitive data

Almost one-third of respondents at the Black Hat 2021 said privileged accounts were the best choice to access critical data and 70% believe traditional security is obsolete.


Most businesses expect the risk of privileged user abuse to increase

One survey found that 70% of respondents believe privileged users access data for no discernible business need, 61% believe privilege access is misused, while 55% think it’s only going to get worse.


Protect Your Sensitive Data with Privileged Access Monitoring

Learn more about privilege user monitoring and Teramind

Privileged users have a significant advantage over external attackers. In addition to already having access to privileged systems, they are aware of their organization’s policies, procedures, and technology and vulnerabilities.

Threats associated with privileged user accounts are one of the biggest threats facing businesses today. Stolen or hacked privileged accounts are also the number one choice for many external criminals looking to gain access to otherwise ‘secure’ systems.

The complexity and constantly changing world of IT has made privileged access monitoring a necessity for every business. Threats associated with privileged user accounts are becoming more complex every day.
Teramind’s privileged user monitoring can be a part of your company’s critical security strategy.

Teramind’s real-time privileged user monitoring and data loss prevention solutions help you monitor privileged users to automatically detect anomalous behavior and suspicious activity.

Suspicious behavior can signal a compromised or malicious privileged user. For example: creation of back-door accounts, transmission of sensitive data outside the company, etc.

Teramind’s Intelligent Policy & Rules Engine then automatically enforces data protection and access control rules. The rules prevent compromised users from data exfiltration, IP theft, fraud, industrial espionage, sabotage, and other malicious attempts.

With Teramind Privileged User Monitoring, you can conduct threat analysis, forensic investigation, and security auditing. The privileged user access monitoring tools also have complete session recording, metadata analysis, and immutable logging features.

Finally, extend your privileged user security coverage with built-in integration. Security information, event management (SIEM), and threat analytics systems are all included in privileged access monitoring.
There are thousands of use cases for Teramind’s privileged user monitoring. Here are a few common uses of Teramind’s privileged user monitoring:

> Identify and track all privileged users, including system administrators, DBAs, network engineers, system architects, developers, IT auditors, remote users, third-party vendors, etc

> Implement a ‘zero-trust’ data loss prevention (DLP) strategy utilizing activity, system-access, schedule, and content-based rules

> Create monitoring and access profiles based on a user’s role, separation of duties, existing Active Directory Group Policy, or on a need-to-know basis

> Audit privileged sessions with immutable logs, session recording and real-time alerts, and notifications to detect credential sharing and other abuse of root accounts.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy Teramind in a way that works for your organization

employee monitoring on-premise deployment


Maintain total control and ownership of your data with Teramind’s on-premise deployment

employee monitoring cloud deployment


Get up and running in minutes with Teramind cloud deployment. Automatic updates with no licenses or hardware

employee monitoring privacy cloud deployment

Private Cloud

Combine the scalability of the cloud with the security of on-premise. AWS and Azure deployment available

We bring businesses peace of mind through our award-winning insider threat prevention solution

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