Business Intelligence Dashboard

Enterprise grade employee monitoring solution with integrated Business Intelligence (BI) Features

Teramind’s BI Dashboard Solution

A Business Intelligence Dashboard, or BI Dashboard, is a powerful reporting tool that simplifies visualization and analysis of complex data. With a BI dashboard businesses can track important information including key performance indicators, behavior trends and metrics.

Information in the business intelligence dashboard can be organized by the entire business, divided into departments, or focus on just a few teams. The BI Dashboard is completely customizable so all the behavioral data you’re looking for is always readily available.

Access Critical Information Instantly with a BI Dashboard

With Teramind BI Dashboard, managers can get timely and quick access to key data

Quick and easy access to user data including app and online activity, task & project engagement and worktime analysis

Immediately view reports or estimated productivity output

View all collected user data from a centralized BI dashboard. Visualize high-level data and drill down for a high-level analysis

Informed Decision Making

Take the guesswork out of the equation. Teramind’s BI Dashboard provides unique insights into your team’s engagement and operational processes

Build intelligent reports outlining departments, teams, individuals or the organization as a whole

Create and keep track of important KPIs, including custom metrics from any user action

Compare scenarios and implement predictive analysis to make data-driven decisions

BI Dashboards Present Complex Data in an Engaging Way

Visualize complex data and analysis with inuitive data presentations

Customize dashboards to present data sets in a way that works for your goals

Choose from a variety of display options including bar, area and column charts as well as heat maps and graphs

Use the BI dashboard to quickly create your own reports with easy-to-use widgets and a wide selection of data points

Compare Scenarios and Trends

BI Dashboards are crucial for success in today’s flexible work environment. Create an agile and dynamic workforce by using the business intelligence to compare trends and data movement for continuous workforce optimization

Use customization and configuration settings to view data from a particular period of time, types of actions and more

View detailed comparisons of behavioral data then drill down to see the exact differences in activity

Create an optimized work environment with in-office vs. hybrid vs. remote working comparisons

Restructure teams, departments and projects to improve efficiency using BI Dashboard data comparisons

Measure and Improve Team Productivity

Lift teams using the behavioral data Teramind collects. Teramind BI Dashboard provides insights that inform employee engagement and burnout, project mismanagement, and workflow bottlenecks

Use app and website use metrics to identify ways to increase employee efficiency

Harness employee time tracking, task completion and other activity metrics to reduce time wasted

Get time-sensitive information summarized in BI dashboards in order to investigate anomalies

Guide employees’ focus and improve engagement using information from Teramind’s powerful BI dashboard

The Features That Power Teramind

Teramind Business Intelligence Dashboard Features


BI Dashboard with
Multi-Level Reporting

Summary views, smart lookups, and drill-down screens for granular data analysis make reporting accessible to all levels of the management team


Integrated Employee Monitoring, DLP and BI Dashboard Capabilities

Bundled with Teramind’s award-winning employee monitoring and DLP solutions, the BI Dashboard allows business leaders to align their enterprise goals with employee productivity, security, and compliance



Dozens of predefined report templates for employee activity, productivity, worktime, tasks, performance, alerts, security, reputation, risks, etc


A Powerful
Report Builder

Highly configurable report builder with intuitive, visual tools. Create comparative reports with multi-dimensional data points such as employees vs. departments, tasks vs. app categories, periods, etc. Simplify report generation with auto ranking, filters, and built-in formulas


Extensive Filtering Capabilities

Narrow down large datasets with powerful filtering capabilities. Filter reports by periods, employees, departments, computers, tasks, LDAP attributes and more. Each report also comes with its own context-specific filters. For example, filter emails by destination, alerts by severity, etc. Save and reuse common filters for easy reporting


KPI Widgets

Create custom widgets from any data the power BI dashboard captures, such as app/web activity, emails, console commands, login, printing file events, etc. Present the information in grids, charts or heatmaps for easy visualization



Create report clones in the dashboard software with a single click and share among team members and departments. Set permission for view and edit controls


Data Export and API

Export your BI reports in PDF and CSV format or schedule them for auto-delivery to email addresses. View reports in other applications or export data using the built-in API

Visualized data that elevates your business

The Business Intelligence Dashboards informs data security, workforce management and much more

More than ever before, the workforce of nearly all businesses are becoming hybrid. A mix of on-site, remote, and distributed teams are all becoming more common in today’s workplace. However, without the right dashboard software, tracking data across a diverse workforce can be difficult.

Employee monitoring tools can provide crucial information about employee activity. However, they often lack key features of a business intelligence dashboard. Including the ability to transform the ‘behavioral’ data into actionable intelligence.

As a result, enterprises have to rely on expensive solutions that require complex integration. Most businesses end up relying on multiple products such as employee monitoring and other analytics tools to get the much-needed business insight.

The right dashboard software can simplify this solution along with reporting.
Teramind comes with an enterprise-grade Business Intelligence Dashboard. The BI dashboard’s reporting and analytics tools are part of our powerful employee monitoring and data loss prevention (DLP) platform.

Through the BI Dashboard, IT managers and security analysts can view powerful insights and actionable behavior analytics that reveal the risky and vulnerable actions and activities performed by users.

The visual data presented in the dashboards assists security professionals in understanding the human elements of insider threats and data leaks; and, helps to develop customized mitigation plans that respond to the staff’s distinct behaviors.
Teramind’s BI Dashboard fills the missing gap in existing employee monitoring solutions by translating raw tracking data into meaningful metrics and KPIs.

Teramind integrated business intelligence software equips leaders with the metrics needed to make data-driven decisions and manage teams efficiently.

Enterprise teams benefit from the data in

Empowers enterprise teams to be more focused, decisive, and productive.
Help HR leaders introduce policies and techniques for cultural improvements based on comprehensive analysis of employee behaviors.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy Teramind in a way that works for your organization

employee monitoring on-premise deployment


Maintain total control and ownership of your data with Teramind’s on-premise deployment

employee monitoring cloud deployment


Get up and running in minutes with Teramind cloud deployment. Automatic updates with no licenses or hardware

employee monitoring privacy cloud deployment

Private Cloud

Combine the scalability of the cloud with the security of on-premise. AWS and Azure deployment available

We bring businesses peace of mind through our award-winning insider threat prevention solution

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