Employee Monitoring

Whether it is your company’s intellectual property, financial records or other sensitive material, it only takes one employee to engage in unwanted behavior and expose your organization.


How do you find out and prove what really happened?

Teramind captures and records every single action that's performed by your users. Analyze the data yourself, or let Teramind reveal your organization's risky users based on pre-defined rules and anomaly detection algorithms.

"25% of data exfiltrations used file transfer or tunneling protocols, such as FTP or SCP and Microsoft Office documents were the most common format of stolen data"

Try Teramind

With Teramind you have access to a robust automated rules engine that can prevent any unwanted behavior. In many cases, just letting the employee know they’re being monitored can change their behavior to follow company policies.

All features can be turned on & off in order to customize your monitoring to meet company policies and legal requirements. The software can be used in revealed or hidden modes.

How it Works

Step 1

Deploy the Teramind agent to the desktops or servers you want to monitor

Step 2

View the data instantly on your dashboard, and start to create policies and rules

Step 3

Get ROI immediately as you see your policies enforced: less rule violations and increased productivity


Educate users to properly use all necessary applications

Video of full user behavior & meta data allowing for true visibility into employee’s actions

Reduce risk & protect yourself with proof