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warn when
redirect when
monitor when
get alerted when
block when
lock out when
remote vendors
privileged users
remote users
visit unauthorized websites
send emails to my competitor
copy files to USB drive
upload excessively to google drive
are idle while working
print sensitive documents
search for jobs online
get recruited by radicals
offer to sell sensitive data
are harassing other employees
spend excess time on social media
read an e-book on hacking
install new programs
see sensitive data on their screen
violate compliance rules
access a critical server
tamper with company servers
try to bypass the web proxy
handle customers unprofessionally
violate workplace conduct rules
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Why Your Business Needs Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software helps organizations meet their business goals while keeping their data, IP, and systems safe.

Employee monitoring software helps organizations meet their business goals while keeping their data, IP, and systems safe. Teramind allows employers to fine tune their processes by providing them with information on the amount of time spent in work applications and helps them define hours spent on specific tasks with options to focus on specific departments. Employees ages 18 to 34 spend approximately 48 minutes on personal tasks each work day - think of that as 5 hours wasted on company time. Organizations see immediate return on investment (ROI) from implementing an employee monitoring solution from discovering time spent in applications not related to work and identifying projects with high costs and low returns. Teramind can be installed seamlessly and silently without interfering with other applications. Additionally, all features within Teramind are completely customizable which gives companies the flexibility needed to match company privacy policies and legal obligations.

An All in One Cyber Security, Data Loss Prevention & Insider Threat Detection

Everyday a new cyber attack headline hits the front page. In the last year we've seen major data compromises from the largest banks, healthcare systems, and entertainment providers. Companies have a completely new pain point outside of their core business model - keeping data safe. Insider threats are a rising phenomenon because data has a market price. Whether its for advertisers, digital thieves or other malicious activities, the data breach landscape seems to keep growing. According to the Ponemon Institute's 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study, out of 874 incidents, 65% were caused by employee or contractor negligence; 10% by outsiders using stolen credentials; and 22% by malicious employees and criminals. That sounds like a lot of insider threats to us!

Organizations can beat the insider threat with employee behavior monitoring and being proactive. By creating a baseline and understanding normal activity such as emails, instant messages, file transfers, and USB use, Teramind can pinpoint anomalies within computer usage patterns and identify insider leaks and data compromises. Still, pinpointing and identifying insider threats isn't enough - once the data is out there, it's out there. Teramind is completely proactive and blocks potentially threatening activities from occurring. Using rule based risk analysis, organizations can pre-define malicious behavior and company policies to identify company weak spots and implement security policies. Additionally, organizations have reports of each rule violation and the ability to access a full video recording of the violations in order to have all the information needed for their IT forensic investigation. Insider threats will continue to be a rising issue within the cyber security and environment. It's time to dedicate the proper resources to eliminating this issue within your company today.

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