Live View & History Playback

Use Teramind's live monitoring and desktop playback features to reach your audit and compliance requirements.

Rule Based Risk Analysis

Teramind provides a risk exposure snapshot of your entire organization and allows you to quickly identify policy violations via the high-risk dashboards.

IT Forensics

Teramind records every single user action. Recall any point in time and see a video of the session, along with complete metadata alerts, keystrokes, and more.

Detect & Block Malicious Activity

Teramind features the ability to configure fully customizable rules and alerts to notify management when users are in violation of compliance standards.

Compliance & audit violations can be costly.
Adhering to compliance & audit requirements doesn’t have to be.

How can I get started?

Step 1

Open an Account

Sign up to Teramind cloud employee monitoring software for free. No credit card required.

Step 2

Install Agents

Invite remote employees to install the revealed monitoring agents on their machine, deciding on either full or part-time monitoring.

Step 3

Customize Settings

Customize each alert and monitoring setting to perfectly tailor the platform to your requirements.


Take Control!

Access all features within Teramind's platform for unrivaled monitoring capabilities that enhance security and productivity.

Audit and IT Compliance Features

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Teramind provides organizations the ability to fully record user activities across all applications & platforms. Our software offers immediate alerts, protection against data breaches as well as safeguarding against potential compliance violations. We have a proven track record of offering compliance assistance with medical records, personal credit information, outsourcing, and inquiries into government oversight.


Establish user accountability by capturing all activity and associating with individual accounts. Get insight into applications used and logs of all user behavior.

Easily search and find particular events within a session by using keywords. Once the event is found, administrators have full access to replay the event to understand exactly what happened.

Easily access the data you need with our auditing abilities. Audit any session based on user, computer, role or use of privilege.

We help you meet your compliance requirements for: