Using Teramind to Bolster Internal Branding & Reinforce Company Values
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Using Teramind to Bolster Internal Branding & Reinforce Company Values

It’s no secret that branding is one of the most important aspects of your company’s presence in the market. But branding goes beyond marketing and is much more than consumer awareness and recognition. A comprehensive branding strategy speaks to every person that it comes into contact with. This includes investors, vendors, employees and new recruits. Strong brands that reach the groups outside of their patrons do so by carrying out robust strategies that uphold their brand image in every aspect of their business, especially their internal branding as an employer.

The way outward branding establishes a company’s identity with consumers, internal branding conveys company values and builds its image as an employer. Including branded imagery on company stationery or within an office is expected, but branding in today’s digital world and for today’s culture-minded workforce is more involved. Everything, including the software your workforce uses, can and should include your internal company branding and reflect your company values. 

Teramind’s employee monitoring and productivity system is no different. Using its customization features, the Teramind agent can be set up to support your organization’s internal branding efforts. Personalizing the software and using Teramind to bolster internal branding helps actualize a company’s internal brand along with its values.

Customize Dashboards to Reinforce Core Values

Employee monitoring performed with company values in mind reminds your system administrators and workforce why productivity surveillance is being performed and how it relates to your company brand. Customizing the dashboard also helps system administrators and privileged users more easily navigate the software and find the productivity information they seek.  How employee monitoring plays into your company values and image determines how you can set up dashboards in order to begin using Teramind to bolster internal branding.

Take for instance an organization that includes customer service as a company value and a pillar of their internal branding. If your organization lives and breathes for serving its customers, system administrators can set up their dashboards to include shortcuts and widgets that show employees’ use of customer centric tasks and apps. The same goes for a company that bills itself as a collaborative. Dashboards can be customized to include information on collaboration tools like messaging apps, file shares, and email usage. 


The widgets and information included in customized Teramind dashboards promotes a company’s values by providing a look at employee behavior. Employee activity affects your internal and consumer-facing brands. Through the dashboard, system admins can see whether or not employee activity is in line and on-brand with company values. More straightforward brand personalization, like including your organization’s colors and imagery is also available and helps support the brand too.

Company logos and colors can be added to login screens to provide visual branding on the Teramind software. Incorporating branding visually at login and highlighting core value related employee activity on dashboards are practices that help businesses fully implement their internal branding efforts. 

Including company values and boosting internal branding is furthered by customizing another feature of Teramind, business intelligence reports, or BI reports.

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Personalize Reports to Identify On-Brand Employee Activity 

The BI Reports created by the Teramind software offer an easy-to-understand visual look of the complex data that Teramind collects. These graphs provide a quick breakdown of employer activity and can be shared with your employees to help strengthen their performance and efficiency. With customization, they also offer a way to promote company values and further develop how your company is using Teramind to bolster internal branding.

Let’s use a company whose branding includes secure and safeguarded practices as an example. BI Reports on Teramind can be customized to include security risks, file events, and behavior alerts to help administrators see how much employee activity is in agreement with their security-first culture. These custom security activity reports can then be shared with employees to help them keep security in mind and their activity in line with company values and its internal brand. 

A company that encourages growth through employees’ continued education similarly benefits from personalized BI Reports. For such a company, Teramind’s BI Reports can provide a breakdown of employees’ usage of training and educational websites and software. These reports can then be used to identify which employees require more guidance in their learning efforts. 

The way a company operates affects its image, or brand. Baking the values you want associated with your brand into your workforce internally bolsters your external branding efforts with consumers. 

Customized dashboards and BI reports are only available to those with privileges or administrator access, but Teramind can be customized in other ways to reinforce visual and communication branding internally among employees via alerts. 

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Customize Alerts to Create Branded Employee Communication

Like a company’s consumer-facing branding, internal communications within a company should also have a specific tone and voice. How employees are talked to and communicated with greatly affects a brand’s image in-house and in the market. With Teramind, on-screen notifications alert monitored users of when their actions are in breach of mandated policies. Such alerts can be personalized to match your company’s brand and doing so promotes your employer brand through communication.

For example, an alert that reads as apologetic like “Oops! It looks like you took a wrong turn somewhere” has a different effect and sets a different tone than “Caution! You’re in violation of a company policy.” The frequency of email notifications can also be customized to match your business’s communication style and brand. Say for instance your company promotes a “less is more” approach to email. Email alert notifications can be adjusted to group alerts into a single email notification rather than sending an email for each individual alert. Customizing alerts to fit your company’s style helps keep all employee communications uniform and establishes a brand tone in the office and on your employees’ screens.

Not only can the text be changed so the tone is in line with company branding, but logos and HTML buttons can be customized to match your brand as well. Customized alerts endorse your brand visually and in message.

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Successful brands evoke a visceral reaction from everyone they associate with as a company. That’s because of their exhaustive external and internal branding efforts. The companies that have the strongest brands focus on establishing their brand with consumers and then embodying that brand as a company. To fully develop a complete brand strategy, messaging, tone, imagery and company values need to be taken into account for employees just as much as consumers. A well-rounded branding strategy puts the values and visuals associated with the brand at the center of every facet and company practice, including the software they use. The more thoroughly an internal branding strategy is executed, the more successful company branding will be as a whole. 


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