Hubstaff vs. Teramind – Which Is Best For Productivity?

Hubstaff and Teramind offer features for managing employees’ time, scheduling, activity tracking, and productivity analytics. Only Teramind offers comprehensive employee monitoring, behavior analytics, insider threat detection, data loss prevention (DLP), business process optimization (BPO), and more. The main differences between these solutions are that: Hubstaff is primarily time-tracking software with […]

Veriato vs. Teramind: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Both Veriato and Teramind offer user activity monitoring, user behavior analytics, employee productivity, insider threat detection, and cybersecurity solutions. However, Teramind offers more features, such as advanced endpoint data protection, comprehensive employee monitoring, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), a wide range of insider threat detection solutions, and business process […]

The 16 Best Remote Desktop Monitoring Software Solutions

Remote desktop monitoring (RDP) software allows individuals or IT administrators to access, control, and monitor computers remotely over a network connection. It offers functionalities like live viewing of desktop activities, remote control for support and system management tasks, and detailed reporting on user activities and system health.  RDP software plays […]

How to Monitor Employee Internet Usage

With employees using company devices and networks at home and in the office, unchecked internet use increases security risks, impacts productivity, and compromises company resources. As an employer, you must protect your business and be ethical when monitoring employee internet usage. Importantly, monitoring without consent or transparency is problematic, so […]