The Top 5 File Activity Monitoring Tools in 2024

Organizations must maintain control over sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access or file modifications. File activity monitoring software gives organizations the visibility and control they need to mitigate the risks of data breaches, insider threats, and compliance violations.  These solutions provide valuable insights into who is accessing files, their actions, […]

The Right Way to Monitor Employees Working From Home

The shift toward remote work has reshaped how organizations approach productivity and security in a swiftly evolving digital workplace. As businesses of all sizes, industries, and geographies navigate this new work terrain, effectively tracking work-from-home employee activity—particularly employee productivity metrics—reshaped how organizations approach productivity and security has become paramount. This […]

How to Monitor Employee Internet Usage

With employees using company devices and networks at home and in the office, unchecked internet use increases security risks, impacts productivity, and compromises company resources. As an employer, you must protect your business and be ethical when monitoring employee internet usage. Importantly, monitoring without consent or transparency is problematic, so […]