Types of Insider Threats Risking Your Company’s Security and Productivity

As companies navigate a confusing business environment defined by pandemic-inspired changes, new workplace arrangements, and economic uncertainty, leaders are looking to address two issues impacting bottom-line results: security and productivity. These are issues are in large part affected by the workforce behaviors and the different types of insider threats they present. […]

How Data Leaks Happen

A data leak, where sensitive data is exposed to unauthorized parties, can be an expensive and hair-raising experience for business leaders. That’s why companies and their security pros are talking about data leaks and their effects on business, as they work to secure systems against the troublesome concerns associated with […]

How Data Loss Prevention Software Keeps Data Secure

Data is an abundant and vital resource in today’s digital-first business environment, providing unparalleled insights into customer trends, inventory management, employee performance, and more. While the amount of data collected, stored, aggregated, and analyzed varies drastically by company, it’s estimated that the average enterprise stores 2,000 terabytes of information, an […]