NEW YORK, June 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Teramind, providers of one of the leading enterprise solutions against insider threats, has released their latest software feature – Anomaly Detection. The feature is unique in its ability to automatically quantify and analyze internal employee data, identifying internal security anomalies and actively preventing the occurrence of internal data leaks.

Anomaly Detection's innovative technology is based upon machine learning algorithms that analyze company-wide employee behavior, building typical employee profiles across company departments and users groups. Once specific User and Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) has been established, the software can than provide intelligent automated security alerts, notifying administrators the presence of high-risk users and their activity patterns.

Anomaly Detection is unique in its ability to not only identify internal threats, but proactively block their occurrence. This preventative feature offers companies the option to pre-program real-time preventative security measures, should a high-risk behavior occur.

Anomaly Detection's release comes on the heels of Teramind's patent pending "Intelligent Session Mining" feature launch, a revolutionary development within the field of enterprise internal security.

Intelligent Session Mining takes a unique approach to helping identify whether an employee has accessed unauthorized data. The advanced software feature enables companies to scan and index all text located on users' screens, including text in images and remote desktop sessions. The data can then be parsed using string or regex search parameters, to identify which materials employees are accessing, and whether a security breach exists. Both technologies are in line with the company's wider approach to internal security, which emphasizes the importance of automatically and proactively blocking malicious activity, and not just identifying it.

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Teramind provides software that collects employees' PC user behavior in order to identify suspicious activity, detect possible threats, and ensure industry compliance. Their mission is to reduce security incidents by providing real-time access to user activities by offering alerts, warnings, blocks, redirects user lock-outs to keep organizations running as efficiently and securely as possible. For more information, visit

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