Teramind Enhances Core Solutions to Balance Productivity Analysis & Privacy Standards for Hybrid Teams

SaaS Company Empowers Business Leaders to Make Data-driven Decisions About Long-Term Hybrid Team Success

MIAMI, FLORIDA – 23 SEPTEMBER, 2021 – Teramind Inc., a leading global provider of employee monitoring, data loss prevention (“DLP”) and workplace productivity solutions, today announces enhanced application for data analytics for organizations, contractors, and employees.

Enhanced Solutions Evolve the Management Needs of the Modern Workforce

Employee monitoring has become a ubiquitous part of a post-lockdown operational landscape. In the last year, nearly 80 percent of organizations implemented some form of employee monitoring software to protect data, assess productivity, and support employee outcomes. Companies can now harness employee monitoring software to create data-driven benchmarks that help teams improve performance, optimize workflows, and ensure sustainability while protecting employees’ privacy and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Teramind’s award-winning product lineup services over 4,000 enterprises and mid-sized companies, empowering organizations to maintain compliance while optimizing employee engagement and productivity for on-site, remote, and distributed teams. From the moment companies went into lockdown and scurried to maintain operational resiliency to the present fluctuations in varying workforce environments, Teramind has continuously enhanced its solutions. Such developments advance organizations’ ability to stay ahead of the insider threat, balance employee privacy with industry-leading features to address monitoring concerns, and deliver robust analytics from productivity monitoring.

Business Leaders Struggle to Assess Remote Worker Productivity

Even as hybrid work becomes the de-facto workplace arrangement for many companies, leaders struggle to assess and appreciate remote worker productivity. According to one study by the Harvard Business Review, 40 percent of survey participants, including supervisors and managers across multiple industries, expressed low self-confidence in their ability to manage remote teams, while a similar number conveyed negative views of employee productivity in a hybrid setting.

“Business leaders face tremendous operational, financial, and logistical challenges as they support hybrid teams, many for the first time. Fortunately, with the right strategies and tools, leaders can effectively assess team performance and outcomes, regardless of location, enabling them to make better business decisions and support their employees from an informed perspective,” said Isaac Kohen, VP of R&D at Teramind.

He adds, “Teramind’s enhanced platform balances sophistication and simplicity, allowing first-time users and remote veterans alike to apply comprehensive data analytics to their decision-making process.”

Data Analytics Increasingly Critical For Managing Hybrid Teams

Organizations can use Teramind’s comprehensive remote employee monitoring solution to track time and engagement, manage products, reduce expenses, and ensure overall productivity. In addition, leaders can harness this technology to support employee growth and development, ensuring that hybrid teams continue to perform at a high level, regardless of location.

To further support companies on the best industry practices, Teramind also recently published the whitepaper Measuring Employee Productivity In Today’s Workforce.

About Teramind

Since 2014 over 4,000 organizations across all major industries have trusted Teramind to provide insider threat detection, data loss prevention and business process engineering through employee monitoring. By harnessing behavior analytics, the award-winning and top-rated platform has helped enterprises and organizations in finance, retail, manufacturing, energy, technology, healthcare, and government verticals detect, record, and prevent malicious user behavior while driving productivity and improving workflow efficiency. Available as a cloud-based, on-premise, or private cloud solution, Teramind’s data loss prevention and employee monitoring agent brings businesses peace of mind by providing data-backed workforce insights. Teramind is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Learn more about Teramind by visiting teramind.co or follow us on LinkedInTwitter and YouTube. Visit IT Security Central for the latest in security news and trends.