MIAMI - DECEMBER 11 , 2018 – Teramind Inc., a leading global provider of insider threat detection and data loss prevention (“DLP”) solutions, today announces that its market leading employee monitoring and data loss prevention solutions are now available to deploy on Amazon’s distributed, highly scalable and reliable AWS platform.

Teramind software is available in two packages; Teramind UAM, which provides user activity monitoring, user behavior analytics, audit, forensics, policy and rules management; and Teramind DLP, which includes everything in Teramind UAM plus content-based policies and rules for advanced data loss prevention capabilities. Both packages are available to deploy on AWS with an annual subscription plan based on number of endpoints monitored.

“We are thrilled to provide Teramind customers with the option to deploy on AWS, allowing them to take advantage of the speed-to-deployment, scalability and reliability of the market leading IaaS and PaaS,” said Isaac Kohen, CTO of Teramind. “Teramind has a large number of customers in government, healthcare, finance and other regulated industries, subject to regulatory compliance including HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS. AWS delivers the ideal platform for these customers to deploy Teramind in a private cloud setting.”

Teramind deployments on AWS take full advantage of the AWS infrastructure, integrating with Amazon S3 for storage and Amazon RDS for database, allowing the AWS platform to manage the redundancy and scalability of the Teramind implementation, while improving responsiveness of the solution. In addition, Teramind customers can utilize AWS’ multi-geo replication and on-demand backup capabilities to increase reliability of their own instances.

For more information on how to deploy Teramind UAM and Teramind DLP on AWS, visit Visit Teramind’s landing page on the AWS Marketplace here.

About Teramind

Founded in 2014, Teramind is a leading, global provider of employee monitoring, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention solutions. Over 2,000 organizations in finance, retail, manufacturing, energy, technology, healthcare and government verticals across the globe trust Teramind’s award-winning platform to detect, record, and prevent malicious user behavior in addition to helping teams drive productivity and efficiency. The platform is available in both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options to meet any organization’s requirements. Teramind is headquartered in Miami, Florida. For more information, visit Follow Teramind on Twitter @teramindco. Visit IT Security Central for the latest security news and insight.

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